Proposal To Improve Isle Of Palms’ Marina Puts Quality-Of-Life Topics At The Forefront

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Isle of Palms SC vacation rentalsPlans to make the marina here even more “people friendly,” according to local media reports, proves that local leadership of the Isle of Palms community have quality of life issues close to their hearts. According to an Oct. 12, 2017 report from a local CBS news affiliate, the city could seek $5.5 million via a bond to foot the bill for major renovations to the marina. The marina, which is located at 50 41st Avenue, will hopefully be upgraded and redesigned. The new amenities of the marina are said to include new docks, additional pedestrian access, a kayak launch dock and public dock for those with disabilities. What’s more, the report notes that more parking spots for cars and golf carts as well as space for boat, trailer and fuel storage are planned. Presently, the website for the marina notes that this top-of-the-line facility offers a double-wide boat ramp, well-lit docks, city water access, wireless internet, private showers and more.

A public meeting is planned to address the bond issue, targeted improvements and “community revitalization,” according to the CBS report. As with most major municipal bond issues, the $5.5 million question will be included on November’s ballot as a referendum question. Fortunately, the CBS report notes that if approved, there will be no additional tax burden for Isle of Palms residents; debt on the bond “will be paid from marina revenues and tourism funds,” the report states. The proposed ballot question, which will be put to the public on Nov. 7, 2017, adds that the project will be under taken as a two-phase project.

What does this mean for those searching for Isle of Palms SC vacation rentals? Put simply, this is a community where quality of life is first and foremost – as evidenced by plans to upgrade a main attraction of the area. For those who love being as close to the water as possible, Isle of Palms SC vacation rentals are perfect for you. That’s because this barrier island town town of about 4,000 residents, as of the 2010 U.S. Census, gives you the chance to get out on a charter boat, fishing boat, cruise ship or take a waterway tour. Of course, there are the beaches and other relaxing ways to enjoy a summer breeze in Isle of Palms, but the significance of ships in this area is evidenced by plans to significantly upgrade the town’s marina. While the Intracoastal Waterway separates Isle of Palms SC vacation rentals from the South Carolina mainland, it’s a mere 18-mile drive to downtown Charleston. By choosing to reside in Isle of Palms, you’re never far from the attractions of South Carolina’s largest city, but you’re still able to enjoy the amenities of this barrier island town.


Magazine Survey Has Folly Beach In The Running For ‘South’s Best’ Small Town Title

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folly beachThe Folly Beach community could be crowned the “Best Small Town” of the south if enough readers of Southern Living magazine bestow the honor upon this South Carolina city of about 2,600 residents. According to The State newspaper of Columbia, South Carolina, Folly Beach is in the running with a number of other local towns as part of the magazine’s “South’s Best 2018” competition. The town of Beaufort took the title last year, but the perks of Folly Beach are still unrivaled when it comes to quaint costal living in a beautiful ocean-side town known locally as the “Edge of America.”

According to Southern Living, the once-a-year survey gives readers a chance to nominate the best attractions of the areas in the magazine’s coverage zone. Further, the magazine gleans information from the survey and gets a little more acquainted with some off-the-beaten-path destinations that have turned into local favorites. Additional categories for the best-of-the-south competition include barbeque joints, beaches, festivals, hotels, small towns and more. According to the magazine, other South Carolina towns that Folly Beach is up against include Myrtle Beach, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island and a half-dozen other well-known destinations. The survey ends in early October so fans of Folly Beach will need to keep their eyes peeled for the results.

Singing the praises is easy for those who’ve found the perfect Folly Beach rentals. That’s because this community is loaded with tourist attractions and historical sites that make it a worthy contender for the Southern Living competition.  For those who’ve spent time exploring the six miles of coast along the Atlantic Ocean, the allure of this peaceful and picturesque place is undeniable. Truth be told, many of vacationer seeking Folly Beach rentals have turned into full-time residents due to the quality of life in this city that’s a 20-minute and 11-mile drive from  nearby Charleston. One afternoon spent strolling along the Edwin S. Taylor  Fishing Pier -- which is the also the second-longest pier on the East Coast -- is just one way to get a taste of Folly Beach’s many flavors.

By trusting the skilled and local realtors from Carolina One Real Estate, you are sure to receive educated input and information as your search for Folly Beach rentals. That’s because we’ve learned what it takes to be expert real estate agents and bringing aboard those who’ve got their ear to the ground in Folly Beach has been a hallmark of our operations for a long time. With online voting nearly closed for the Southern Living poll, we encourage you to go one step farther and see what this community has to offer you – in person.

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Upper Peninsula’s Tech Incubator Another Feather In Charleston’s Cap As Success Continues

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Charleston SC RentalsCharleston’s turnaround has been thoroughly documented and it continues, this time with a newspaper from the north coming down to explore the recent boom of a northern Charleston neighborhood. While well-known to locals, the Aug. 29, 2017 The New York Times article explores Upper Peninsula’s impressive development. Given its growth from “small houses, warehouses and metal sheds,” as the Times report puts it, into the thriving brainchild of a New York City developer,  it’s another feather in Charleston’s cap.

Stephen Zoukis, who was a partner in Jamestown Properties, told the Times that the objective he shared with the partner in this Upper Peninsula turn-around was purchasing lots of land – eventually taking on 20. “You looked at a map of the city and clearly people had to move up the peninsula because there was no place else to go,” Zoukis told the Times. The eventual result of this project would be cater to the tech sector and encourage new and existing companies to come under the same roof  of Pacific Box & Crate. Tenants of  the include a real estate brokerage firm, a cyber security company, a crowdfunding company among other organizations and workshops.

With Upper Peninsula serving as the example here, many are looking toward Charleston SC rentals as a way to become part of this South Carolina community that has seen success across the board. Those looking to reside in Charleston SC rentals have plenty of neighborhoods to choose from. While Upper Peninsula may be in the limelight here, there a half-dozen other regions of the city that offer a wide array of living options situated alongside entertaining attractions that regularly draw residents and tourists alike. The tourism powerhouse that Charleston is becoming has also propelled it to top U.S. destination for the fifth year in a row, according to the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine.

By trusting the services of a local real estate company, you’ll have experienced locals on your side who can help find the best Charleston SC rentals to fit exactly what you’re looking for. That means a well-rounded knowledge of each neighborhood, its strengths and the type of individual, couple or family it is best suited for. Take the time to find the right real estate company and you will soon see why so many other newcomers to Charleston have discovered why it’s time to call this city home.


Waning Weeks Of Summer Won’t Affect Leisurely Activities Near Hottest Folly Beach Rentals

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Summer in any language spells trips to the beach. The climbing thermometer, extra days off from work and desire to hit the road in search of the sea drives many of us toward the coast.  However, as Labor Day approaches, it becomes apparent that there’s precious time left to sink our feet in the sand and bask in the setting sun. That doesn’t have to be the case in South Carolina, as Folly Beach rentals can give you the year-round pleasures that only regular beach-dwellers will appreciate. That’s because the average fall temperature at this barrier island that extends far into the ocean  and is often called “The Edge of America  is a pleasant 65 degrees. You might not want to go for a swim, but those 65 degrees are still plenty to allow those living in Folly Beach to stretch their legs.


Year-round surfing, bird-watching and fishing opportunities near the Edwin S. Taylor pier are an undeniable perk for those looking to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean given their proximity to it. Go kayaking around James Island or try your hand at sailing and paddle boarding; there’s no reason not to get your feet wet if you’re so close to the water! Best of all, Folly Beach is never overwhelmed by any influx of visitors during the summer months and the “low tide” (so to speak) as they return home until next season is when residents of Folly Beach rentals can appreciate the surroundings that run along 2,500 feet of oceanfront land. Plan a fall camping trip along the shore to really reunite yourself and family or friends with nature.


Folly Beach rentals located on this family-friend stretch of land offer the best of both worlds and it’s recommended that you consult a skilled real estate company to assist you with your search for property. That’s because Charleston, which is located a mere 11 miles away from Folly Beach, has been experiencing a period of great growth and economic viability.  Capping those gains off were recent honors from  Travel + Leisure magazine, the readers of which voted it the no. 1 place to visit in the U.S. While approximately 134,000 people live in Charleston, the population of Folly Beach is far less than that – and that’s one of the draws. Those looking for a more calm way of living but still seeking a 20-minute drive to the nearest city for employment or leisure activities would do well to research what Folly Beach rentals have to offer.


West Ashley SC’s Prime Location Provides Easy Access To (And From) Nearby Attractions

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west ashley sc

Any realtor will tell you that location is everything when it comes to real estate and subtle differences can mean sparing yourself from unexpected headaches. For those looking to relocate to South Carolina, the desire to be near the action is primarily what has driven Charleston’s many successes in recent years. With those headline-grabbing achievements, the city’s population has also been on the rise. With that being the case, plenty of folks have wanted to be near the action in Charleston while still having an easy drive home for a little peace and quiet. For those people, West Ashley SC provides the best of both worlds. Situated along the scenic Ashley River and the Intracoastal Waterway, the approximately 75,000 residents of West Ashley will undoubtedly come to love the charm that’s so easy to find -- regardless of whether you’re looking for a wooded home or one on the waterfront.

Technically, West Ashley is part of Charleston proper but it is home to dozens of distinct neighborhoods, from Avondale to Windermere. One of the main reasons why so many people are choosing to live in West Ashley SC is geography. It’s no more than a 20-minute drive from this area to downtown Charleston. That means all of the attractions of Charleston -- from the docked USS Yorktown to Fort Sumter and Middleton Place -- can be visited on a whim. If you’re having guests over for an extended stay, you’ll be able to easily entertain them by taking the short drive into Charleston. However, it’s the return trip that West Ashley SC homeowners will love, as the benefits of living a short distance away from the so-called “premier destination” of the region offers a long list of perks.

Development of West Ashley dates back to the 1950s, although the region saw a major boom throughout the 1970s and ‘80s that led to increased construction projects. Presently, the numerous places for golf, swimming, tennis and boating provides plenty of leisurely activity. It’s founding can be traced as far back as the late 1600s when colonists first arrived in what’s now South Carolina and those searching for historically-significant sites should see the Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site for a glimpse of the area circa 1670. In recent years, West Ashley has seen a business boom that has helped sites like Ashley Landing, Outback Plaza and Westwood Plaza thrive. According to The Post and Courier newspaper, one of the newest businesses in Ashely, the Black Wood Smokehouse, officially opened in the South Windmere Shopping Center during the summer of 2017.

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Wraggborough Or Westside? Charleston Neighborhoods Offer Array Of Housing Options

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real estate charleston sc

When moving to a new area, it’s a good feeling to be able to name-drop a specific location and say you’ll soon be an official resident of “City X” or “Metropolis Y.” However, those researching the possibility of relocation must drill down deep and figure out which part of town they want to live in. Given the recent demand for real estate in Charleston SC-- not to mention its booming population and recognition on the national stage -- it’s important to familiarize yourself with the lay of the land and local neighborhoods. From the French Quarter to King Street Historic District as well as Cannonborough and Elliottborough, Charleston SC real estate options offer everything from quaint family homes to high-tech studios. In this article from Carolina One Real Estate, we’ll explore some of the best Charleston neighborhoods for those looking to be a part of this port city’s recent boom.

Downtown: Just about every major city has a downtown hub where the action always seems to take place. As such, the demand is high and the attractions are many. In Charleston, “downtown” neighborhoods include Cannonborough and Elliottborough, Radcliffeborough, Mazyck-Wraggborough, King Street, Harleston Village, Ansonborough, the French Quarter and South of Broad. While “Wraggborough” is known for some of its more historic homes, the King Street Historic District is a business-friendly sector with plenty of shopping options for resident and tourist alike. The brick homes of Ansonborough are often in as high a demand as the flat-faced historic structures that stretch across the French Quarter.

Uptown: Charleston’s uptown neighborhoods are a bit farther removed from the regions that border the inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. Those who seek water-centric vistas won’t be disappointed, as some uptown neighborhoods are situated alongside the Cooper River or Ashley River. Uptown neighborhoods include Wagener Terrace, Lowndes Point, Longborough, Hampton Park Terrace, North Central, Westside, East Side and East Central. As the geography-centric titles imply North Central is one of the northern-most neighborhoods and located in between Wagener Terrace and East Central. The Charleston SC real estate in East Central is relatively new compared to the historic homes of East Side, so the opportunities to start with a fixer-upper may be a bit limited.

No matter which part of Charleston you wish to call home, you’ll be in the good company of 134,000 other folks who’ve come here for the beautiful weather, ocean access and to be a part of a city named no. 1 in the U.S. by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine for five consecutive years in a row.


Folly Beach Rentals Offer Both Easy Access To Charleston, Relaxed Lifestyle In Seaside Town

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Many people place a premium on being close to everything, but remaining far away from it all. That’s because there’s something to be said about easily experiencing the attractions and events of a major cultural hub, but being able to escape the hustle and bustle by way of a short drive home. This is the unique position that Charleston, South Carolina falls into. Recently voted by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine as the no. 1 place to visit in the U.S., Charleston has seen upwards of 5 million tourists annually. Such popularity has prompted city leaders to update its tourism-management plan to better address "the equilibrium between residential life and tourism activity,” according to The Post and Courier newspaper.

Naturally, many people will want to be a part of this great time of resurgence for Charleston – they just don’t want to live at the epicenter of it. It’s at this intersection where Folly Beach rentals play a pivotal role in keeping the growth that Charleston is currently experiencing in check. That’s because Folly Beach, often called “The Edge of America,” is located a little more than 10 short miles and a 20-minute car drive from Charleston proper. For those looking to enjoy warm breezes, sandy beaches and a slower way of living, this city of about 19 square miles has a population of a little more than 2,500. Whether you’re coming to Folly Beach for its easy access to the Atlantic Ocean for surfing and swimming, amazing vistas viewed from the Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier or to immerse yourself in its community of small businesses and restaurants, there’s always plenty to experience. Take a trip out to the Morris Island Lighthouse and get lost in the immersive -- but never overwhelming -- seaside experience offered by this town first founded in the late 1930s.


One of the smartest moves a potential homeowner or investor can do is enlist a local real estate company  to help in the hunt for property. These knowledgeable folks have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of others find the dream home in many locations across South Carolina – from historic areas of Charleston to the picture-perfect escapes of places like Folly Beach. Their combined years of experience also offers a thorough knowledge of not just where to live, but which home in a specific neighborhood may be the best fit for you.


Magazine Readers, Once Again, Vote Charleston, S.C. As Top Tourist Destination In The U.S.

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The readers of Travel + Leisure magazine have voted Charleston, South Carolina as the no. 1 city in the U.S. and if that award wasn’t enough, it was also voted second-best city in the world. The accolades, which were released on July 11, 2017, mark the fifth consecutive year that the city has been named the best in the country. According to the Travel + Leisure article, Charleston is a “rare destination” that “totally lives up to the hype.” Among its attractions that keep visitors pleased are 18th and 19th century homes, cobblestone streets, eateries worthy of the hype as well as family-owned small businesses and boutiques. According to the magazine, factors that went into the judging process included sights and landmarks, culture, food, friendliness, shopping and value. The readers of Travel + Leisure -- who have put Charleston in the top spot each year since 2013 -- were able to vote in the 2017 survey from November 2016 through March 6 of this year. Those looking to learn more about the results should pick up the August 2017 issue of the magazine.

According to The Post and Courier, this year’s honor comes amid an already strong tourism boom. More than five million people visited the historic South Carolina destination annually in recent years and the economic impact of all that foot traffic is $3.7 billion plus 41,000 jobs, the report adds. The Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau told the newspaper that the rankings “continue to positively impact tourism, the number one economic driver to the Charleston area.” The report adds that Charleston in 2015 updated its tourism management plan to better address the "the equilibrium between residential life and tourism activity."

With such repeated successes on display, prospective homeowners looking for a Charleston real estate guide would do well to research the sections of the city or state that will best fit their needs. Whether you’re looking for property in Charleston proper or researching the relaxing confines of Isle of Palms, Mount Pleasant or Folly Beach, those looking to join the ever-growing population of this southern destination will certainly be pleased with their options. By trusting a local real estate company with your search for prime real estate, you’ll be aided by the many combined years of experience that local realtors have and are ready to share with you.


Charleston SC Real Estate

Smart Growth Urged as Charleston Nabs South Carolina’s ‘Largest City’ Title

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Congratulations, Charleston! As of spring 2017, you have officially became South Carolina’s largest city. After years of economic expansion and population influx, this title is long in the works and rightfully deserved. After all, the city has worked hard to offer something great for both residents and tourists alike. However, with large growth comes great responsibility.

"I don’t look at it as bragging rights at all," Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg told The Post and Courier newspaper for a May 25, 2017 piece regarding the population growth. "The challenge is not to be the biggest city but the best city, and I believe we are."

A May 2017 editorial from the newspaper goes on to say that rental properties are soon going to take center stage as the city adds about 34 people daily. According to the editorial, Charleston city leaders rolled out “workforce housing incentives” for developers who create properties where a certain portion of units are set aside for renters who earn up to 80 percent of the median income. Such “workforce” apartments are reportedly “high quality, relatively new residences in highly sought-after parts of the city,” the opinion piece reads. That’s good news for those who qualify, but it should also resonate with those looking for houses for rent in Charleston SC. As evidenced by the efforts to offer top-notch rental units, Charleston clearly cares about all those people moving to the historic city found in 1670 with strong ties to the Civil War.


In a similar opinion piece from the Charleston City Paper, the author says all residents should be proud to live in the city and hopes for responsible growth in the future. Given that the growth grabbed headlines, it’s very well likely that more people considering a move from their current homes may come to Charleston. Those who do will need a place to stay and the majority of newcomers are going to need a place to rent while finding their footing in a new city. Take time to research the neighborhoods, attractions and overall lay of the land during your hunt for a house to rent and you too will be singing the praises of Charleston.


Charleston, SC rentals

Isle Of Palms Beach Replenishment Project Carried Out Ahead Of Summer Tourism Season

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Charleston-south-carolinaWith 2017’s summer travel season about to reach its peak months, millions of Americans will soon go by plane, train or car to vacation destinations both at home and abroad. Moreover, tourism industry experts say this economic engine is a financial boost for local economies. Indeed, the massive annual influx for those few months where beautiful weather and inviting beaches really do perfectly complement each other. One such destination where guests can seek refuge from a bustling beach town while still have easy access to the sands and water is Isle of Palms, located in beautiful South Carolina. This city in Charleston County borders the Atlantic Ocean and is just a short drive from Charleston itself, which offers environmental, historical and leisurely opportunities for visitors of all ages and interests. Those vacationing on the nearby Isle of Palms will appreciate the easy access to the ocean for fishing, swimming and boat tours.


Prospective travelers researching vacation rentals Isle of Palms SC should be pleased to hear that local government officials in the region are already getting ready for the tourist season by making much-needed repairs. According to The Post and Courier, beaches in the Charleston area are being rebuilt in the wake of last year’s Hurricane Matthew. Moreover, Isle of Palm’s mayor told the newspaper that beach renourishment is going on there, too, and is being boosted by $15 million in state financial aid. All told, the replenishment project will move some 1.4 million cubic yards of sand back into Isle of Palms beaches, according to the report, which adds that further improvement projects could be carried out in fall 2017.



Vacationing in South Carolina is both popular and profitable: Popular for tourists because of the variety of local attractions and amenities; profitable for local businesses and the state itself as outside dollars are spent in South Carolina and remain there to boost up the economy. According to a 2016 South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism release, everything from admission tax collections to South Carolina State Park Service revenue and hotel occupancy were on the rise over recent years. For more information on renting a vacation property in Isle of Palms, visit

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