Resolutions for Renters and Prospective Homebuyers

by carolinaone_marketing 4. January 2017 09:31

The New Year is a time for us to implement the New Year’s resolutions that we have been planning. Whether it’s quitting a bad habit or learning a new skill, the New Year is a time for us to wipe the slate clean and start anew. For many, preparing to buy a new home is their ultimate goal for 2017. To start the year on the right foot, we have put together a few tips or resolutions to help renters who are transitioning into homeownership get into their dream house.

Resolution 1: Raise Your Credit
Securing financing all starts with a good credit score. Your credit score is the key that unlocks the door to your dream home. A solid score affects your ability to lock down a reasonable interest rate for your mortgage and other financing.  It is one of the most important factors that banks consider when it comes to approving your financing and mortgage options. A good credit score that most banks accept is in the 700 range. If you know that your credit score is not within this range, then take this year to understand your credit history and raise your score.

Tip: Paying bills on time and eliminating credit card balances are great for helping you raise your score.

Resolution 2: Visualize Your Perfect Space
The biggest mistake many renters and prospective homeowners make is rushing to find a new place to live because they don’t like where they currently reside. They let the desire to move overtake the need for practicality. In order to find a perfect home or rental, you have to imagine what life would be like in that location. You can’t treat your requirements for a home the same way you treat the requirements for a rental space. The amount of time you spend and the nature of your life in both varies.

Tip: Visualize how you plan to utilize every aspect of the space and how feasible it is in the long run.

Resolution 3: Continue to Save
Finding the perfect Folly Beach rental, Sullivan Island home, or any other dream location you can imagine is not complete without making sure you have the proper financing in place. Credit fixing and space visualizing aside, you need to have access to cash, and savings your savings is your first step. What you save has great bearing on what your initial down payment on the home or rental space will be. Even if your initial down payment is calculated at $0, there is a possibility that you still need to show cash reserves and responsibility spending habits.

Tip: Resolve to save a little more each month to help build up your savings.


The New Year is an exciting time to get started on new tasks and achieve great things. As renters and prospective home buyers, consider these helpful resolutions to take make 2017 your best year yet.


Home is Where the History Is

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South Carolina, like every other state, is a bevy of rich history and culture that is not only reflected in the people but also in the way of living. However, what sets South Carolina apart from a majority of other cities in the United States is that the architecture is a direct reflection of the times. Your typical houses in South Carolina usually come in one of three styles:  plantation, low country, or single.

Plantation Style

Considered to be the most traditional and historic of styles, plantation style homes are a beautifully constructed blend of neoclassical and French Colonial styles. Plantation style homes are known for 3 things, their ample amounts of land, their massive pillars, and their spacious wrap around porches. That’s just the exterior. The inside of these homes are just as impressive. From their large, open layout kitchens to their grandiose curved staircases, this style of home is meant to mesmerize and impress upon first glance. All of these elements are a true hallmark to any plantation style home.

Low Country Style
The second most popular style was can be found around South Carolina’s coastal areas. The low country style of houses in South Carolina was constructed with changing coastal water levels and South Carolina climate in mind. With the elevation of the first floor, it may look like there is a basement, but in fact there isn’t. Instead the first floor is elevated to protect the home from succumbing to flood waters. The spacious floorplan and strategically placed windows allows for ample amount of natural light to flood through the house. As everyone knows, the kitchen is the heart of the home. In the low country style, the kitchen is centrally located in the house, connecting both the dining room and the living room, making it the genuine hub of the home.

Single Style

The Single Style home is atypical of Charleston. Even though they blend into the cityscape, you can’t miss them. These masters of disguises can be found on virtually any street in Charleston. The single style home was designed to make the most of the narrow Charleston city streets. Features like a bright and open second floor porch, cozy breakfast nook, single vanities and master bedroom private porches are just a few of the features that can be found in a Single Style house in South Carolina.


Of course there are plenty of other style houses in South Carolina, but these three styles really speak to the architectural history that can be found within the state. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these, hold on to it. Not only do you have a home, but you have a piece of history as well.


Life is One Big Beach in Charleston

by carolinaone_marketing 18. November 2016 05:47

If you are no stranger to Charleston, then you know exactly what makes this place one of the best places to live. For those of you that don’t know by now, you will soon. What is it that makes current residents never want to leave and future residents never look anyplace else? The magic that is Charleston can be found in none other than the beaches! More than just one of the most amazing cities in the United States, Charleston is home to 5 beach towns, each with its own distinct and unique character and personality.

Isle of Palms

Considered to be one of the more upscale beaches in Charleston, Isle of Palms is home to a world class golf course. Whether you’re a true pro or just feel like one, golfing at Kiawah Island golf resort is unlike any other experience. Located only 12 miles from downtown, Isle of Palm is perfect for your next vacation day trip.

Sullivan’s Island

The 3.3 miles that is Sullivan’s Island has remained to be a local favorite, as it is one of the quieter beaches within proximity to the city. The calming quietness that is Sullivan’s Island helps to preserve the dynamic history that this charming beach town has to offer. Sullivan’s Island was once home to Edgar Allen Poe, immortalizing that with Poe’s Tavern.

Folly Beach

Affectionately nicknamed the “Edge of America” Folly Beach is one of America’s quirkiest yet laid back beach towns. Both tourists and locals can take advantage of Folly Beach rentals as Folly Beach is home to an abundance of eclectic neighborhoods and locally owned restaurants in the area. It’s also jam-packed with plenty of activities like surfing, animal watching, jet skiing and so much more!

Kiawah Island

If you’re looking for luxury, then look no further than Kiawah Island. Just 21 miles from downtown Charleston, Kiawah Island is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in America, let alone Charleston! Kiawah Island is chock full of nature and is one of the most dog-friendly beaches around, allowing you and your four-legged friends to enjoy a day in the sand together.

Seabrook Island

A relatively private beach, the community of Seabrook Island is a welcoming site to visitors. You can experience everything from marshes, maritime forests, and pristine beaches all from the beautiful location of Seabrook Island. From horseback riding to kayaking on the marshes, Seabrook Island is nothing short of busy.


Make no mistake, there is so much more to Charleston than these 5 magnificent beaches, however; it is a little hard to overlook the role they play in making Charleston what it is.


The Charm of Charleston

by carolinaone_marketing 28. October 2016 03:35

When it comes to South Carolina Real Estate, nothing compares to the charm of Charleston. In December 2015, Charleston was listed as the second hottest real estate market to watch, and it's no surprise. From its booming job market growth to its unmatched low country dreamy appeal, anyone who visits, walks away with that "at home" feeling that Charleston provides so well. What makes Charleston the idyllic place that it is? You'll hear any reason, from the weather to the history, but we feel there is much more to it than that.

For starters, Charleston is home to a number of unique shops. When you venture away from the more tourist-centered areas, it is refreshing to see that Charleston has managed to sustain its unique shopping culture, despite the fact that it is a relatively small city. Taking a stroll through Charleston's historic Upper King Street, you'll find book stores, art galleries, and antique shops, just to  nae a few locations. No trip would be complete without visiting George C. Birlant & Co, the Southeast's largest and oldest antique shop.

The food scene in Charleston is unrivaled to other cities. We all love to eat and the people of Charleston know what good food is. This culinary epicenter is home to some of the best quality seafood and high end restaurants in South Carolina. Whether you're looking for French influenced cuisine or low country classics, this city is your one stop shop. Be sure to stop by Dave's Carry-Out for your Charleston staples.

The conversation regarding ideal South Carolina Real Estate locations can't happen without at least one mention of the beautiful Charleston beaches. The beaches surrounding the barrier islands emit their own Southern charm that attracts travelers, old and new. We believe it's the beaches that are one of the biggest selling points in turning visitors into residents. Just like our shops and our food, we have beaches to suit all tastes. Folly Beach is ideal for dolphin watching and free-spirited fun where Sullivan Island is the perfect mix of upscale fun.

Whether you're looking for a rental home or a new home, there's truly no better place than Charleston SC. So, stop looking for reasons to move and start looking for your new home today! Contact Carolina One to help you get started.


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A Charleston Thanksgiving

by carolinaone_marketing 27. October 2016 04:31

Thanksgiving is a time for families and friends to unite and express love and gratitude for one another. As a community, we come together to give thanks for our blessings, our lives, and all the good that has happened. One of the key elements to to successful Thanksgiving celebrations around the country is the food. The food is the centerpiece of the day, the cornerstone that the whole day is built upon in anticipation of bellies filled with turkey and stuffing. For some, Thanksgiving is centered on a home cooked meal. For others, standing around a stove all morning isn't their idea of a good time. If you are one of those people who prefer to eat out, then Charleston is the best place for you.

For years, Charleston has been known for its delicious food. Our Charleston Real Estate Guide has put together the three best places for you to have the most memorable Thanksgiving, Charleston style.

The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island

If you plan on making your 2016 Thanksgiving a fancy one, then The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island is for you. At $76.00 a plate, you can enjoy a buffet of both traditional favorites and famous Charleston seafood, along with chef stations and an assortment of holiday meats. This one of a kind experience is guaranteed to be a real crowd-pleaser with everyone in your family.

Hank's Seafood

A true Charleston dining experience includes all things seafood, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Hank's Seafood will be serving classic seafood options like shrimp and grits, she-crab soup, and so much more. If you're in the area, consider ditching your turkey for tuna this year and give Hank's Seafood a try.

Tavern & Table

For $45.00 a plate ($18.00 for children) Tavern and Table will be serving a four course meal with all of the traditional fixings. From turkey dinner to pecan pie, you can be sure to get your fill of a hearty traditional Thanksgiving meal. Prime rib and butternut squash soup will be also be served to spice things up a little bit.

If you're in the Charleston area this Thanksgiving and want to change up your routine a little bit, consider these top three locations for a real mix of Charleston and Tradition in your dining experience.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Purchase a New Home in the Charleston, SC Area

by carolinaone_marketing 14. October 2016 07:32

Did you know that more and more prospective homebuyers in the Charleston, SC area are choosing to purchase new homes to start their next adventure in the Lowcountry? Earlier this past summer, our New Homes Division here at Carolina One Real Estate released its first issue of the Charleston New Homes Snapshot for 2016. The Snapshot included great news for the real estate market in Charleston in general, but new homes sales really stood out. At the time of the creation of the publication, 29% of all closings in Charleston in 2016 were new homes. You can check out the entire first edition of Snapshot for 2016 here.


There are a number of reasons why new home sales are thriving right now in Charleston. First and foremost, the area has experienced job growth for some time. According to a summer survey, Charleston's metropolitan region ranked third in the country for job growth. Nearly every industry in the area planned to add new hires over the course of the summer, and this is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Unemployment fell to 4.2% in Charleston, which is well under the national average. This job growth has enabled new families to move into Charleston and helped current Charleston residents make the decision to stay, perpetuating the boom in new home sales.


In addition to that, many retirees are relocating to Charleston to take advantage of the beautiful beaches, amazing history, and great weather. More baby boomers are reaching retirement age, which means they are beginning to look at places where they want to retire. Charleston was recently named "The World's Best City" by Travel + Leisure Magazine. The rankings were determined by actual readers, confirming what we already know: Charleston is an amazing place to live. Charleston is a regular on most publication lists for "Best Places to Retire," making it a great choice for retirees as well. Given the strength of the Charleston real estate market, some retirees are investing in new homes.


If you are considering moving into the Charleston area or currently live here and are in the market for a home, here are several reasons why purchasing a new home may make a lot of sense for your situation:


1) You'll Have More Room to Customize the Home as You Wish.

2) Your Home Will Be More Energy-efficient and Feature the Latest Green Technologies.

3) You Will Have Fewer Repairs to Worry About and There Will Be Less Maintenance as Well.

4) You May Have More Financing Options and Concessions Working with a New Builder than You Would with a Seller.

5) You May Qualify for a Warranty if Repair Work Is Needed Early On. This Is Usually Never the Case with a Resell.


Obviously, there are advantages to buying a pre-owned home as well, so the best thing to do is consult with your real estate agent and speak with loved ones about what you want out of a home in South Carolina. Either or, there are great new and preowned homes available right now in the Charleston, SC area. Contact us today to get started finding the Charleston home of your dreams. 


Vacationing on the Charleston, SC Beaches this Year for Christmas Break

by carolinaone_marketing 5. October 2016 04:20

Have you made plans for Christmas break? If not, December is a great time of year to come down to the Lowcountry and the Charleston beaches. Although last year saw extremely mild temperatures on Christmas, this year will prove to be more seasonal in much of the United States, especially if you live on the East Coast. That means cold temperatures, snow, ice, and other not so favorable conditions.


We're happy to report that Charleston is usually relatively mild around the time of Christmas, so you'll more likely than not enjoy great weather as you celebrate the season with family and friends. If you're looking for a milder Christmas vacation with ample opportunities for relaxation and fun, you can't go wrong with Charleston, SC.


What Kind of a Vacation Would You Like?


Carolina One is proud to offer vacation rentals in Isle of Palms and Folly Beach. Isle of Palms features an oceanfront county park, pristine beaches, and a small-town feel. It also includes the world-famous Wild Dunes Beach and Racquet Club. If you're looking for a quiet time spent with friends and family where you can enjoy the perks of community living, Isle of Palms may be the choice.


Folly Beach, on the other hand, is incredibly family-oriented, offering many different activities geared to a wide variety of interests. You can go surfing, fishing, swimming, and more. In addition to that, no Folly Beach vacation is complete without walking and birdwatching along the 1,045-foot Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier.


And remember, both locations are incredibly close to downtown Charleston where you can enjoy all of the amenities of a major metropolitan city.


Contact Us Today to Learn More about Available Rentals 


Are you thinking about looking at vacation rentals in Isle of Palms, SC or Folly Beach, SC? Contact us today toll-free at (800) 342-2105. Rentals are going fast. Take advantage of off-season prices and enjoy a Christmas like no other when you choose to stay at the beaches of Charleston. 


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Three Reasons Why Buying a Home in the Fall Is a Good Idea

by carolinaone_marketing 15. September 2016 07:45

Are you looking to buy a home in Summerville, SC or elsewhere in the Lowcountry? It's not too late to get started. Although many prospective home buyers prefer to close in the summer before school starts, the truth is that fall is a great time to buy a home for those who can manage it – especially in an area with a warmer climate like the Lowcountry. You don't have to worry about snow or freezing rain later in the season as you would with other places. If you're on the fence on whether or not you should continue your search into the fall, here are several points to keep in mind:


There's Less Competition: As mentioned above, fall is typically a bit slower than late spring and summer because many homebuyers want to get situated before the beginning of the season. This means that if you find a house that you fall in love with, you may have fewer buyers to compete with. Anyone who has participated in a bidding war over a house can understand the benefits here. However, always remember that quality is quality, and a really good home will sell quickly any time of the year.


Sellers Are More Serious and Looking to Make a Deal: In many cases, sellers will be more flexible if they're motivated to sell; if not, they may just wait until spring.  Those that are still in the market during the fall and winter months may be more willing to negotiate and work with you on repairs and closing costs. Easier negotiations make for a much more positive buying experience.



You Can Take Advantage of End of the Year Sales: In addition to there being less competition and more motivated sellers this time of the year, one of the biggest benefits of buying a home in the fall is that you can buy home goods on sale. Chances are that you will need some home goods; holiday sales may help alleviate those costs. In addition to that, you may be able to save money on other costs, like moving fees, as the demand isn't as high. After the down payment, closing costs, home inspection fees, and other financial requirements, it's best to save where you can. 


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Check Out FollyPalooza at Folly Beach: a Charitable Event Fun for the Entire Family

by carolinaone_marketing 7. September 2016 08:37

Next month, residents and visitors of Folly Beach will come together to help those in need as they face a common foe: cancer. The Ninth Annual FollyPalooza will be taking place on October 22nd on Center Street throughout most of the day. The event will include a silent auction, fantastic food and art vendors, carnival games, musical acts, and more. It is a time for everyone in the Lowcountry to come together and help those who are in dire need of financial support to fund their cancer treatments. The event is free to attend as the money raised for local cancer patients and their families comes from the 50/50 raffle, silent auction, and carnival games.


FollyPalooza has been in existence since 2007. Residents founded the event to address a need they saw to help their fellow neighbors. Cancer is a disease that can affect anyone at any age, and nearly everyone has been affected by cancer in some capacity. Cancer treatment is prohibitively expensively for many people, and the goal of the weekend event is to help them offset these costs. Folly Beach neighbors with other chronic illnesses may apply for and receive some financial relief on a case by case basis as well. 


If you'll be in the Lowcountry in the latter part of October, we encourage you make your way to Folly Beach for this fun and important charity event. The best way to learn more about the event is to visit In addition to that, organizers of FollyPalooza update the FollyPalooza Facebook page often to provide information on vendors and performers, parking and admissions details, and calls for volunteers.



Become a Part of the Folly Beach Community for a Week or for a Lifetime

Folly Beach is a great place to visit for a week or live for a lifetime. FollyPalooza is just additional evidence of the strong sense of community that can be found here. Folly Beach is known as a top family-oriented destination, and there are a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and beaches that will delight every vacationer who decides to stay here. However, Folly Beach's greatest assets is its people, which include life-long residents and yearly vacationers who decided to take the plunge and call Folly Beach home for good.



Whether you're a yearly visitor or you have never been to Folly Beach before but have always wanted to, now is the time to check out Folly Beach vacation rentals.  We here at CarolinaOne are excited to offer a number of different Folly Beach rentals to meet our clients' needs. We encourage you to review our listings and speak with a realtor today who can match you with a rental that you'll love. Who knows? Maybe next year after you have fallen in love with Folly Beach, you may be in the market to buy a home here. We hope to see you next month at FollyPalooza at beautiful Folly Beach. 

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Benefits of Visiting Charleston, SC in the Fall

by carolinaone_marketing 6. September 2016 14:56

Although summer is just about over already, you still have plenty of time to make plans for a vacation down in the Lowcountry. In fact, Charleston and its surrounding beaches is a great place to visit in the early and even late autumn months. If you were busy in the summer or prefer cooler but comfortable temperatures when you vacation, there are few better places to check out than the Charleston, SC area.  Here are several things to look forward to if you rent a vacation home in Charleston during autumn:


Visit the Beaches When They're Less Crowded: Although the peak travel season in Charleston, SC can last all of the way into November, there is certainly a drop-off in September. The main reason for this is because kids go back to school, and many professions go back into full swing. If you have the opportunity to take time off in the fall, you'll experience mild temperatures (Charleston can be in the 70s into late autumn), beautiful beaches, and other amenities of any coastal destination in the southeast.


Enjoy the Perks of Major Metropolitan City: At the same, Charleston, SC is not like a shore town that may shut down once the summer season is over. Charleston, SC is a major commerce hub and features world-class restaurants, shops, entertainment centers, historical sites, and much. You won't have to worry about figuring out what to do when you get a Folly Beach rental or any of the other beaches and towns in the Charleston metropolitan area. In fact, you might not have enough time to do everything that you wanted to do. That's why there's always next year. We can guarantee you that you'll experience something new every time you visit Charleston.


Save Big on Vacation Rentals and Other Expenses: Experience the best of Charleston and its beaches without paying a premium for it. Although our realtors can certainly help you find great deals on rentals during the busiest time of year in Charleston, there's no question you will pay less when the height of peak season is over. As we mentioned above, the peak season of Charleston tourism begins to wane once school gets back into session. If you are on a budget but still want to experience an amazing vacation with family and/or friends, you might want to wait until the fall to find an affordable rate. 

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