Great Historical Sites to Visit in and Around Charleston

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If you are thinking of moving to the Lowcountry of South Carolina, you'll probably be thinking of Charleston or somewhere thereabouts. A place like Goose Creek, SC for instance, offers small town country living with all of the amenities and advantages of the city close by. And Isle of Palms is famous for its beaches and recreational opportunities. The whole area has a tremendous history, as well, with many settlements dating back to the late 17th century and plantations, churches, and other structures. Here are some of the top things to visit:

1.  Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum – This museum boasts some impressive crafts, for those interested in naval and military history. The aircraft carrier the USS YORKTOWN is housed here, along with a couple of the aircrafts that would have used it as a base during the Pacific Ocean Theater of WWII. It also offers the CLAMAGORE, a just post WWII submarine that was deployed for much of the Cold War. It holds the distinction of being the only intact Guppy III type of submarine left in the U.S.




2.  St. James' Church in Goose Creek – This tiny church was founded in 1714 by the Europeans who had come from Barbados to settle the area. The building is constructed of brick, stucco, and plaster, with a slate roof, and is considered one of the best examples of early religious architecture in the colonies. There is a small churchyard with historic graves on the property, as well. However, the church is active and the interior is only open to those who gain permission from the church wardens. Nonetheless, the building is a treat to see up close.

3.  Joseph Manigault House – This historic home is located right across the street from the Charleston Museum (and when you buy tickets for both together, they come at a discount). The house was built in 1803 for Joseph Manigault, a man of French Huguenot descent whose family had prospered in America as rice farmers. The house displays furnishings of American, French, and English make, all of which are of neoclassical design appropriate to the era. Some of these are original to the house, while others were bought to complete the museum collection (but all are authentic).

If you are considering moving to Charleston or an area near it like Goose Creek, SC, check out these great sites and the many others in the area. You'll realize why so many people are moving here. With this kind of cultural scene at your fingertips, weekends will never be boring.



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Top 4 Must-See Attractions in Charleston, SC

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South Carolina is home to one of the most stunning, charming, and historically quaint cities in the country—Charleston. It's no wonder that so many people make a point to put Charleston on their itineraries when planning trips or traveling down South. Not only is it a huge tourist destination, but many travelers fall so deeply in love with the place that they move there. Whether buying real estate in Charleston SC, selling Isle of Palms real estate, or relocating to Mount Pleasant, you can count on Carolina One Real Estate to assist you every step of the way.

As experts who have an abiding love and familiarity with the area, we've compiled a list of the top four things to do in Charleston, South Carolina, and here they are . . .

1.  Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge: The beautiful Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge connects the city of Charleston to Mount Pleasant and sports wonderful views of the Cooper River. It is best enjoyed by walk or bike ride – it's easier to pull over or stop to snap a photo!


2.  Fort Sumter National Monument: If you are a history buff, Fort Sumter is a must! The fort was originally founded in 1829, after the War of 1812 made it evident that further defense of southern harbors was needed. However, its big claim to fame came when, in the early hours of April 12th, 1861, the Confederacy fired shots at federal soldiers in the fort, starting the Civil War. In order to visit the fort, you'll need to catch a ferry, and it's wise to buy tickets ahead of time.

3.  The Old Exchange Building & Provost Dungeon: Another history-rich attraction, the Provost Dungeon was founded in 1767. It went on to serve as a prison for pirates and then revolutionaries, a place to sell slaves, and an area for public gathering, where the new president (Washington) would address the citizens in May of 1791.

4.  Isle of Palms: Isle of Palms, located a little less than half an hour from downtown Charleston, is the perfect place for a fishing or sailing break, a game of golf on a world-class course or a summer getaway – all close enough to everything you want to do in the city.


Locally owned and operated, Carolina One Real Estate serves all of Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties, with convenient sales offices located throughout the area. We are the local real estate market leader, responsible for one out of every three homes sold through the Greater Charleston, SC, area. For anybody interested in visiting or living in this beautiful area, look no further than our Charleston Real Estate Guide to provide you with ideas.


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Everything You Need to Know about Johns Island, SC

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As one of the most beautiful communities surrounding Charleston, John's Island, SC has recently gotten a lot of attention and more people are considering buying homes there. So what is the island really like? Here are some quick facts to help give you a feel for the area:

  • John's Island truly is an island – The island is bordered on one side by the Wadmalaw Sound and on the other sides by the Stono River and Kiawah River. This natural island has beautiful land and plenty of space because it was historically somewhat isolated from the surrounding townland.
  • It's a very quick drive from Charleston – Despite that historic separation, John's Island is now very connected to the outside world; from downtown Charleston, it's only a ten minute drive away. The two bridges to and from the island include a 4-lane expressway, which means that traffic moves smoothly even at peak times and is rarely bogged down.
  • It has 350 years of history – Native Americans, including the Kiawah, Stono and Bohicket nations, have lived on John's Island since time immemorial. The first European settlers arrived and created settlements on John's Island by the 1670s. Early relations between Europeans and Native Americans were friendly, and the settlements focused on growing indigo, an important dye export.
  • The island is known for its historic properties – With history spanning the Colonial, Revolutionary and Civil War eras to today, the island has many surviving historic structures including beautiful plantation homes.

  • Development has been carefully controlled – Much of John's Island remains undeveloped rural land, including unspoiled wilderness with woods, meadows, tidal creeks, and shoreline. There is new development and both homes and lots are available, but this development has been managed to preserve the island's serene atmosphere.
  • One of the oldest oaks in the U.S. is on John's Island – The Angel Oak has been a landmark since at least 1717. While it is not the oldest tree in the United States, it is high on the list, with estimates of its age ranging from 400 to 1500 years old.
  • John's Island is known as a great place to raise a family – Between high-performing local schools, a strong community spirit, and an extremely low crime rate, it's hard to find a better place for kids to grow up on the eastern seaboard.
  • John's Island homes are surprisingly affordable – While the island certainly has its share of multi-million dollar properties, there are a number of beautiful homes under $500,000 as well.


What has gotten you interested in John's Island, SC?




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How to Avoid Renting a Problem House

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There are lots of houses for rent in and around the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. But finding a good rental home can be even harder than finding a good apartment, and you want to make sure to avoid getting a lemon. Here are five tips to make sure you get the rental home you really want:

1.  Know what you're looking for – There are many different kinds of houses for rent in Charleston. From gorgeous historic homes to large suburban options, from loft style condominiums to townhouses with private gardens, Charleston has it all. But that doesn't help you unless you know what kind of home you prefer to live in. Think carefully about your preferred location, how much space you need, whether you want something new or old, and your budget. It's easy to be dazzled by a particularly beautiful house only to realize after signing the lease that it doesn't really meet your needs. 

2.  Does the landlord have a "to do" list? – One of the most important things you should look for in any rental home is that it is, more or less, completely ready for you to live in comfortably. It's normal for a landlord to have one or two small projects planned for a unit—perhaps they're waiting on a new set of blinds to come in before they update all the window dressings—but if the landlord has a long to-do list that they promise they're getting to, it's a bad sign. Projects that aren't done by the time you sign the lease have a tendency of getting put off and, even if they are completed after you move in, it can be a hassle to have workers in your home. If the landlord is still getting a unit in order, keep looking.


3.  Check appliances and plumbing during the walkthrough – It might feel silly to go turning on stoves and flushing toilets as you walk through a house, but it's worth it. If a burner doesn't turn on easily and the landlord has to show you "the trick" to get it to work, remember that this will be the stove you use for every meal while you live here. Similarly, turn on faucets and showers to check water pressure and see how well the toilet flushes. No house is perfect, but if one thing after another seems faulty you may want to scratch this property off your list.

4.  Talk to other tenants – The power of talking to other tenants cannot be overstated—but you really need to do this when the landlord isn't hovering over your shoulder. Try arriving at a walkthrough 20 minutes early to catch a tenant for a quick one-on-one, or if you are introduced to a tenant by the landlord ask if you can e-mail them with more questions later. An objective opinion from someone who knows the property is priceless.

5.  Go with a pro – While there are lots of dedicated small-time landlords renting independently, it pays to hedge your bets and go with a management company that rents houses on a larger scale. They will have the resources to handle maintenance needs and emergencies in a quick, professional manner.

What else do you look for in a rental home?




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4 Best Areas to Buy Charleston Real Estate

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Charleston has really started to boom and more people are looking for real estate in and around the city, either to move to the area for the first time or to simply take advantage of the up-and-coming property market before prices jump. If you're trying to find a home in or near Charleston, here are four areas to consider:

1.  South of Broad – When people think of historic Charleston, chances are good that this is what they're picturing. The area south of Broad Street comprises the tip of the peninsula that makes up downtown Charleston. This neighborhood was actually the site of the first historic zoning law in the country, and it shows. Historic gems have been well-preserved and gardens are ornate and beautiful. Walking through this neighborhood is like strolling the streets of the past. Prices aren't cheap, but you won't find better Charleston real estate.

2.  Wagener Terrace – Wagener Terrace is, in many ways, the opposite of the South of Broad neighborhood, while still being completely charming and beautiful. This district, on the northwest corner of the peninsula, has become a hip and artsy community with a lot of culture. Houses tend to be smaller than SOB but nonetheless beautiful, with a good number of Craftsman bungalows. The area has a decidedly intellectual vibe to it, with coffee shops, art events, and yoga studios in ready supply.

3.  John's Island – If you're looking to enjoy all the culture of Charleston without living in the city itself, John's Island is a great choice. Of all of Charleston's commuter towns it's one of the closest, at a drive of just about ten minutes from downtown to the island. But that's not the only thing working in its favor: John's Island is also one of the most naturally beautiful communities you'll find in the area. True to its name, it's an island straddled between the rivers and the Wadmalaw Sound and, until recent years, much of the island was farmland that has only lately been opened up for development. Expect green surroundings, tidal creeks, and lots of fresh air if you move to John's Island.

4.  Goose Creek – If you're willing to have a slightly longer commute, Goose Creek is one of the better surrounding communities and offers a great balance of beauty, value, and affordability. Located about 30 minutes north of downtown Charleston, Goose Creek is a separate city, but home to many people who work in Charleston. It has a somewhat more rural feel, with great schools and a strong economy thanks to nearby Navy facilities.

What part of Charleston are you looking at? Contact us at Carolina One Real Estate with any questions or to set up a tour!



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4 Reasons to Consider Summerville Real Estate

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Of all the beautiful towns in South Carolina, Summerville, SC, may be one of the most promising. The town has a long history as a destination, and yet remains shockingly affordable for such a beautiful gem.

As the name suggests, Summerville was originally a summer retreat for residents of Charleston. In the crowded streets of the city, the summer heat and humidity brought waves of mosquitoes as well as health issues. Those with means summered away from the city, enjoying the fresh breeze off of the Ashley River as it drifted through the pines. These are still major selling points for Summerville, SC real estate today.

Later in its history, Summerville became a resort town, in part due to the salubrious effect of its fresh breezes. Patients in the 1800s were directed to go somewhere with fresh, clean air, particularly for diseases of the lung, and so Summerville became a health spa town known for its peaceful, restorative effect on visitors.

That beauty and good atmosphere continues today. There are many reasons that Summerville is a worthy place to buy a home, but here are our top four:

1.  Southern charm – Historic Southern towns are known for their beautiful old houses, live oaks strewn with Spanish moss, the scent of myrtles and magnolias, and heirloom flower gardens. Summerville has all this and more. There are over 700 registered historic buildings in Summerville, and you can walk down peaceful lanes under mature trees and always discover something new. There is downtown shopping, great local food, and flowers everywhere you look.

2.  Natural splendor – It's hard to find a town with such unspoiled natural surroundings as Summerville. The community understands that the area's natural beauty is what keeps people coming back and they have taken steps to preserve the forests, riverfront, and beautiful countryside.

3.  A great school district – The local school district consistently ranks as one of the best in South Carolina, a major draw for families or anyone thinking of starting a family.

4.  Price – Despite all of these amazing qualities, Summerville real estate prices have yet to spike. There are many homes available in the low $200,000s and a variety of homes of all sizes and price ranges. It truly is an accessible piece of paradise.

Are you considering buying real estate in Summerville, SC? What about this quaint town has managed to hook you?


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5 Reasons to Live in John's Island, SC

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If you're looking for homes in the Charleston area, John's Island should be high on your list. A small, beautiful, growing community on its own island just outside the city, John's Island, SC, is worth considering for many reasons. Here are our top five:

1.  Natural beauty – Without a doubt, the first thing that attracts most people to John's Island, SC, is the stunning local scenery and natural beauty. Much of the island still consists of woods and forests, meadows, and old farm fields. Real estate in John's Island consists of lots both large and small, as well as plenty of acres of natural land. These lots are surrounded by rivers and creeks, some with a view of the ocean. With two rivers and the Wadmalaw Sound surrounding the island, there is plenty of waterfront property to go around. Locals enjoy fishing, walking, and cycling through picturesque surrounds.


2.  Charleston is minutes away – Despite all of its verdant, untouched land, John's Island is still extremely accessible from Charleston. From most of the island, downtown Charleston is just a 10 minute drive away—with two bridges and an expressway to get you around. This allows you to not only work in Charleston, but to enjoy the culture and nightlife of the big city without also living in a crowded urban neighborhood. It's truly the best of both worlds.

3.  Friendly, close-knit community – The John's Island community has truly held onto a sense of small town friendliness. While the large lots and untouched land allow John's Island residents plenty of privacy, you'll also find that people smile or wave when strolling down the streets in town and that folks will remember your name. It's a safe, supportive community.

4.  Price – Despite its up-and-coming status and incredible beauty, John's Island remains affordable. There are many houses in the $200,000-$400,000 range. Of course, there are plenty of high-end options for those who want to truly live large, but the family with the average income will have just as many choices.

5.  Long-term value – Sometimes, you can just tell a community is going places and there's no doubt that John's Island is. With such a great location, new land freshly opened up, and so much natural beauty, a home purchased in John's Island today is sure to be a good investment.



Are you considering a move to John's Island? 


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5 Advantages of Living in Charleston, SC

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In the past few years Charleston SC, real estate has gotten a lot of attention, and for good reason. Charleston isn't just a good place to invest; it's a great place to live and work. With an abundance of art and culture and southern hospitality to seal the deal, there's almost nothing about this city that you won't like. Here are five reasons you'll love living in Charleston.


Metropolitan, but charming

With less than 150,000 people in the city proper, Charleston is the king of big but not too big. The soaring downtown, strong local culture and endless nightlife opportunities would have you thinking you're in a giant metropolis, except that this city is cleaner, safer and more affordable than most big cities can dream of. Maintaining its historic charm, Charleston combines the best of old and new, which makes Charleston, SC real estate an excellent option for those who want city living plus peace and quiet.

Great food and drink

Charleston is a food lover's paradise. With both fresh seafood and a strong history of mouth-watering Southern cooking, Charleston has almost endless options for dining that always seem to combine classic ideas in new ways. Shrimp and grits are an undeniable favorite that every local place has their own take on, and South Carolina style barbecue seems to perfectly sear in the flavor of meat without drying it out. There is also a strong trend toward creative new fine dining spots as well, with a New American movement that won't leave you disappointed.

A fabulous art scene

Charleston has become a more sophisticated and vibrant place over the past decades and that includes a burgeoning art scene. Aside from the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and other fine museums, you'll also discover galleries, local artists, and tons of art events.

The ocean

Charleston enjoys a prime location on one of America's finest sections of shoreline. Aside from the inland beauty of the Low Country, you get all the majesty of the ocean. That includes the aforementioned seafood, as well as a large harbor with options for fishing and boating. But the real lure are the gorgeous white sand beaches just minutes out of town, that offer seemingly endless fun with a very long sunny season.

Property values

While everyone comes to Charleston for a different reason, one thing we can all agree on is that we want our homes to be investments that will pay off. With a number of up-and-coming neighborhoods and a strong economy, Charleston offers amazing opportunities to buy low and one day sell high.


Are you considering buying real estate in Charleston?


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4 Reasons to Buy in Mount Pleasant, SC

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Anyone considering buying a home in South Carolina should look closely at Mount Pleasant, SC real estate. Mount Pleasant is often thought of as an exclusive town, but there is a surprising selection of mid-range homes. Here are four of the top reasons to buy real estate in Mount Pleasant:

1.  Easy access to Charleston – Mount Pleasant gives you a short, easy drive to Charleston with none of the drawbacks of living in a city. Located just across the Cooper River, Mount Pleasant residents have an easy commute into the city for work or nightlife, but get to enjoy the slower pace, larger yards and greener landscapes of a smaller, historic town. The 8-lane bridge over the river provides a smooth and uncongested drive between the cities. This proximity is a plus for all Mount Pleasant, SC real estate.

2.  Charm and beauty – Mount Pleasant was named accurately. Located on both the river and the coast, Mount Pleasant offers scenery that is the envy of the South. Oak-lined lanes lead to old plantation homes, while parks and the surrounding countryside stay green year-round. There are hidden local fishing spots, a bustling harbor, lots of outdoors recreation, and beaches within a short drive. The town's natural and historic beauty have made it a destination for vacationers who are seeking fun and relaxation, and also make it the perfect place to live.

3.  The community – The town doesn't just look nice; it's also full of nice people. Mount Pleasant property owners tend to be a warm and close-knit group, who are looking to improve the community. This comes partly from Mount Pleasant's history a small town, where people still say hello to each other on the street, and partly from the caliber of buyer who tends to be attracted to Mount Pleasant in the first place—often established or up and coming professionals who believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

4.  Home values – No matter how nice a community is, the bottom line is always the final decider in real estate. With Mount Pleasant real estate you can be assured of property values that will rise for years to come. Mount Pleasant has been an in-demand area for centuries. Founded in the 1600s, it has a long-established reputation as the ideal place to live or visit, reflected in the strong appreciation of its property values even when other zip codes are struggling.

Are you considering buying real estate in Mount Pleasant?


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4 Reasons You'll Find Better Charleston Rentals with a Real Estate Company

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Many people looking for houses for rent in Charleston, SC never think of talking to a realtor. After all, we think of realtors mainly when planning to buy or sell a home. But the truth is that some real estate companies also have a large selection of rental properties, including places you won't find anywhere else. Here are four reasons you should talk to a real estate company about renting a house in Charleston:

1.  More selection – Finding the perfect rental is hard. While listings on Craigslist may seem limitless, most are by landlords with only one or two properties. If you take the time to go and see the unit and it isn't right for you, they often have nothing else to offer. Real estate companies manage dozens or even hundreds of properties. They will listen to your exact needs and line up a number of units to look at all in a single afternoon. This gives you the advantage of more options while taking up less of your valuable time.

2.  A better price – One of the best reasons to ask a realtor about renting homes is price. The price you pay is one of the biggest determining factors for most renters, and successful real estate companies often deliver more value at the same price range. This is because they hold more properties and can afford to price a unit competitively, whereas small-time landlords cannot. That translates to more square footage, a better location or more amenities in your price range.

3.  Luxury options –If you are looking for a luxury rental, then you should only talk with experienced real estate/property management companies. These companies understand the luxury market and know what amenities and security to expect in a luxury unit. They show you only the finest and most well-appointed units and will work to find the home that fits your needs.

4.  Professional and reliable management – The bottom line with any property rental is that a bad manager or landlord can mean months or even years of aggravation. It's always best to have a large professional management company that has the resources to respond to calls immediately and do repairs the right way the first time.

There are lots of charming house rentals in Charleston, both for short and long-term.  A real estate agency can help you find the best ones for your price range and save you time and money along the way. Have you ever used a realtor to find a rental?



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