John's Island: An Island to Call Home

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If you're looking for a place to call home on the south Atlantic coastline, then John's Island SC may be the place for you! Carolina One Real Estate has been helping families find fabulous houses on John's Island for years, and it's no wonder, as the island has plenty to tempt potential residents. Here are some of the best things that the area has to offer:

Paradise on the East Coast

If you're in the market for an island home, but you're not exactly looking to stray too far from the mainland, John's Island is the perfect answer to your needs. With an area of 84 square miles, John's Island is the fourth largest island on the East Coast and boasts a lovely isolated community with easy access to nearby Charleston. Gorgeous classic homes with all of the modern amenities can be found all over the island, many sporting fabulous waterside locations.

A Place for the Animal Lover

John's Island sure has its human inhabitants, but one of the most unique things about this South Carolina town is the wildlife that calls it home. It's an interesting cross-section of woodland and swampland wildlife, as deer and alligators inhabit the same island. Birdwatchers will especially find John's Island a wonderful place to live, as it is home to hundreds of species, including ospreys and bald eagles. 

John's Island also caters to the equestrian crowd, and is home to the Mullet Hall Equestrian Center. This center is truly a sight to behold: the property spans over 738 acres and hosts numerous horse shows throughout the year. With four show rings and a Grand Prix ring, it's a special place for anyone with show aspirations, but that isn't the only crowd it caters to. For anyone looking to see nature from atop a horse, the Mullet Equestrian Center also houses 20 miles of trails. Carolina One can not only find you a home close to the Equestrian Center on John's Island, SC, it can find you a place to keep your own horses. Check out this amazing property and see all of your horse dreams come to life!


A Piece of History

John's Island is home to a long, storied history and that past is alive and well to this day and several homes date back to the colonial period. On top of that, each year, Legare Farms hosts a reenactment of the Battle of Charleston. The event is fun for the whole family, and you can enjoy food, music, and loads of historical information. It's one of the little things John's Island has to offer that can truly win over a prospective homeowner. 


John's Island is a great place to live, relax and raise a family. Check out our listings and find your new home today!



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5 Reasons to Visit Summerville, South Carolina

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When you think of South Carolina, what comes to your mind? Perhaps you think of its state nicknames; the Palmetto State, Keystone of the South Atlantic Seaboard, the Iodine State, and even the Rice State. Or maybe you think of its incredible vacationing opportunities, since it has so many beautiful beaches. It is also possible that you think of South Carolina’s spotlight locations, such as Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Magnolia & Cypress Gardens, and the Hilton Head Resorts. However, have you ever considered Summerville?

With summer here, it is only appropriate to live or vacation in a place called Summerville. This lovely part of South Carolina has much to offer its visitors and residents. Here are just a few:

1.       Summerville has been dubbed as “the Flowertown in the Pines” and for a good reason: there are plenty of beautiful flowers which only add the much-needed color every place needs. You will be delighted by the gorgeous display and will never be short of scenery that is aesthetically pleasing.

2.       There are plenty of arts and culture in Summerville. If you enjoy the arts or engaging in a rich cultural lifestyle, then Summerville is definitely a good choice for you. Take Sculpture in the South, for instance. This location allows you and whomever else you wish to bring to put you up close and personal with nationally known sculptors in the area. Here, you will also discover a broad range of original, fine art sculpture from western to wildlife, which is awe-inspiring (especially when it comes to the more abstract pieces).

3.       There are plenty of attractions in Summerville. No matter what reason you decide to visit—whether it is to seek out Summerville SC real estate or to take a vacation—this location has an attraction for you. You can easily take on the charm of the beautiful plantations along Highway 61. Take a trip on the Trolley down Summerville’s Sweet Tea Trail and explore the unique Southern dining, shopping, history, and cultural experiences.

4.       Summerville has an excellent amount of community events. There is the Summerville’s Farmer Market, a Red, White and Blue on the Green event, and even a Third Thursdays Downtown which is perfect for visitors and locals.

5.       The parks are incredible. If you are eager to get more in touch with nature, then let Summerville help. There are multiple parks, such as the Azalea Park, Huger Playground, Doty Park, and much more.


If you are thinking of a nice place to live or vacation, then don’t forget about Summerville. This place is a true gem, which is worthy of taking a visit to. 

Why You Should Visit Charleston, South Carolina

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Summer is here, and that means one important thing: it's time for vacation! Many of us take the opportunity to go someplace new and fun, and if you are planning to take a trip this year, there is one state you definitely have to go to – and that state is South Carolina.

South Carolina has numerous areas that are worth taking a trip to. After all, Myrtle Beach is known as an exciting city with a pristine Oceanside location that makes it great for seashell enthusiasts and partygoers alike. Ripley's attractions are a blast that many families go there particularly for. Oh, and let's not forget about the famous Myrtle Beach SkyWheel. But then, there's Charleston.

Charleston is one of the quintessential centers of culture in the south. Founded by English colonists in 1670, the city grew from a colonial seaport to a wealthy metropolis by the mid-eighteenth century. During the 19th century, Charleston's economy prospered due to its busy seaport and cultivation of rice, cotton, and indigo.

Things to Do – Golf

If you enjoy golfing, then Charleston is definitely for you (as well as your family members and friends). The Municipal Golf Course is a great way to play 18 holes in less than four hours. The design of this golf course is similar to a traditional early twentieth century course, but with modern upgrades.

Nearby Beaches – Isle of Palms

One of the most popular destinations in Charleston is the Isle of Palms, which is only twenty-four minutes away from downtown Charleston. The Isle of Palms offers excellent beaches and is perfect for a stroll or a swim. After a refreshing swim, you may find yourself getting a bit peckish, so take this opportunity to try some of the great cuisine that the island has to offer. Head to the Boathouse at Breach Inlet and Acme Lowcountry Kitchen to enjoy the best local seafood!

A Cook's Dream

Speaking of which, if the foodie life appeals to you, then Charleston will not disappoint. Sure, there are tons of fabulous restaurants, but the Charleston City Market is the perfect place to find handmade baskets and southern spices for cooking. If you look for houses for rent in Charleston SC, you will love testing your cooking skills with the ingredients found in this part of the city.

The History

For the history lovers, Charleston is home to the Fort Sumter National Monument, which is the location of the official beginning of the Civil War. This is accessible through the Fort Sumter Ferry Terminal on Sullivan Island, which is roughly twenty minutes from downtown Charleston. And don't forget about the Charleston Museum, the oldest museum in the country (founded 1773), or the many historic plantations in the area.

There is no doubt about it: Charleston is a wonderful vacation location. If you want to take your kids or friends on a trip somewhere, then you should definitely consider Charleston.



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What You Need To Ask Yourself before a Move

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We may move for work, we may move for family, but some people move just because they want a change of scenery. The annual migration study conducted by United Van Lines showed that a lot of people moved to the Carolinas in 2013.  With cities like Charleston and Raleigh, and unique areas like Johns Island, SC and Ashville, NC, it can be easy to see why people can’t wait to get to the Carolinas. Sometimes, it takes more than a general good feeling to move to a new area. Before you set your sights on a new place, make sure you know the answers to these important questions.

How much do I really know about where I want to move?

Maybe you want to move since you vacationed in the Carolinas and loved it. Or maybe you’ve read about the state being the hottest place to move. It can be really easy to fall in love with an area when you’re on a vacation or reading about it online, but actually living there can be much different from what you expect. Do you know about laws in the area that you’re planning on moving into? Do you know what your commute will look like?  How much do you know about the local school district? If all you can say about a state is that it’s beautiful or that there is a lot to do, you should start to re-think your decision to move.

How will this affect my bank account?

When we’re talking about your financial situation, we aren’t talking about financing the move. The cost of living can be dramatically different from town to town, and local and state taxes may be different from what you’re used to. A lot of people end up relocating to the south because the area is usually less expensive than most northern states and cities. Moving to a new state area doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll end up living somewhere cheaper, if anything many people overestimate the amount they’ll save and end up with much less extra money that they’d originally hoped. 

Am I ready to devote time to this move?

Moving from town to town in the same general area can be stressful and can require a lot of planning, so you can imagine how long moving to a different state can take. You won’t be able to take a single day off of work and get everything done in one weekend. Think of this move as a process that will have to unfold overtime. You may have to hire professional movers to handle the majority of the work so that you can focus on cleaning, unpacking, and setting everything up in your new place.


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Three Universal Dream Home Features Your New Home Should Have

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Since you’re in the market for a house, what features are already on your “must have” list?  Do you want a home that has a wrap around porch so that you can lounge in and enjoy the nice weather?  Are your children insisting that your new home have a pool because they love to swim?  Do you need a home with at least one extra room so that you can have a home office?  Whether you’re looking for a family home in Goose Creek, SC or a historic house in Charleston, there are some features that every home should have.


Functioning plumbing

If that characteristic sounds weird to you, you’ve clearly never spent months and thousands of dollars on plumbing repairs.  Homes with plumbing problems can be money pits, since even some “simple” plumbing repairs can cost a lot of money.  Pluming problems don’t just cause problems for your sinks, drains, and pipes, leaking water could encourage mold growth that can lead to structural and health problems.  Take some time to run a few of the faucets in your new home, and check to see how long it takes for your drains to empty.

Good structure

A home with a sound structure should be the goal for every home buyer in the market.  Buying a home with significant structural damage will end up costing you a lot of money in repairs, and can make it almost impossible to sell if you decide to move.  Never buy a home that has issues with the foundation, regardless of how “minor” they may seem. When you tour homes look for large cracks along the foundation outside and on the walls of the basement.  Do a very thorough check for mold and water damage.  Sometimes people can see a few spots of mold on the walls, and then discover to a significant portion of the inner portion of the walls are rotting with mold.  A thorough home inspector can help make sure that your home doesn’t have any big problems.

Easily changeable decor

A home with wall-to-wall shag carpeting or garishly painted walls may not look like a catch, but if the only things keeping you from buying a home are décor related you should consider yourself lucky.  If you could see a home that could be improved with new carpet or a few coats of paint, jump on it while you still can.  A few cans of paint or new carpeting really are not that expensive, and if you’re handy you may be able to handle all of the work yourself.



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5 Best Restaurants in Charleston

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Everyone loves Southern Food, but many would argue that no one does it quite like the chefs in the Golden City. After all, it was the first place in the United States to see ingredients like Carolina Gold rice, field peas, sesame seeds, and fried okra, and we all know that traditional recipes are the best ones. Whether you're vacationing in Charleston, new in town, or just looking for a new place to take the family for dinner, we've got some recommendations for you.

For some genuine Southern American cuisine, you have to take a trip to downtown Charleston to dine at Husk. It's moderately priced, running about $25 per entrée – and after you taste the cornbread, it'll become an instant favorite. With bits of smoky Benton's bacon throughout and served in a hot cast-iron skillet, there's nothing quite like it around. Any of Chef Sean Brock's signature dishes are winners, but be sure to try some of the house-cured ham or the Geechie Boys grits, if you want something traditional yet unique.

Charleston Grill
This is the place to go if you're looking for a special night out. The entrées will run a bit more high-end in terms of cost – about $30 per main course – but it's worth every penny. The atmosphere, as well as the service, is divine and the chef, Bob Waggoner, is award-winning. The contemporary Southern cuisine includes Frogmore stew, grilled wild salmon shine, Maine lobster, and other unexpected twists on classic dishes.

Pearlz Oyster and Raw Bar

If you're looking for an affordable meal, a late-night snack, or plain amazing seafood, Pearlz is the place to go. You can get some oyster shooters after a night out at the bar, as well as other seafood favorites like Crispy Ahi Tuna Rolls, Crab Bruschetta, and Tuna Tacos. Entrees will cost you about $13 per plate.

Slightly North of Broad
Located exactly where it says it is, this restaurant is another moderately-priced establishment for downtown dining. Slightly North of Broad offers "New American" cuisine such as award-winning shrimp and grits, which is peppered with country ham and Andouille sausage. Lunches at this restaurant are particularly affordable, especially if you're looking for something filling and inexpensive. An Express Lunch will get you an entrée plus a soup or salad at fewer than 11 bucks.

Peninsula Grill
This place is worth going to just for their famous dessert: the Ultimate Coconut Cake. Layers upon layers of coconut and cream make for one of the most decadent coconut dishes out there. Dinner runs at around $28 per entrée, and offers outdoor dining and seafood dishes like oysters, caviar, and rainbow trout.

Needless to say, for many, dining is reason enough to opt for some real estate in Charleston, SC. These are just a few of the popular restaurants located within the city limits!



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Your South Carolina Summer Itinerary: Gear Up for Fun Events!

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Whether you're already nestled into a cozy home in Charleston, South Carolina, or you're considering moving there soon, there's one thing visitors, transplants, and lifetime residents can agree on: summer is the state's best season. With the great weather and even better scenery, you can't let it go to waste! If you aren't completely sold on South Carolina already, you'll be convinced when you hear about these great events to look forward to in the near future.

Firework Celebrations

The 4th of July in Charleston isn't just restricted to one location. The main and most extravagant display will be held at Patriots Point, where you can pay $10 for parking, pull out some chairs and blankets to sit back and watch the fireworks. For an additional cost of $30, you can get access to the USS Yorktown's flight deck and score some of the most impressive views of the event available. Other nearby towns and areas, such as Summerville, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, and North Charleston will all have their own celebrations, some with live music and contests.

The Summer Concert Series

Kiawah Island hosts this event, which features the talents of a different local band every Saturday evening from late May to the end of August. The concerts will be held on the Grand Lawn of the Sanctuary and will be family-friendly, making it a great experience for everyone!

The Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series

If you're looking for a truly active event to take part in, why not consider a triathlon? Held in James Island County Park, this 24 year-old event features a 0.3 mile swim, a 12 mile bike ride, and a 5 mile run. If that all sounds like a bit much for you, don't be discouraged! You can enter races separately or as a package, so it's easy to choose the amount of exercise you think you can handle. Registration is still open for the last three dates in the series, but space is limited and there is no race-day registration, so sign up now!

Fishing Tournaments

If you're an avid angler, why not bring the kids out to the pier with you and spend the day doing what you love for a prize? The Folly Beach fishing pier has remaining tournaments on July 12th and August 16th during the summer, and offers discounted rates for Charleston County residents, seniors, and children 12 and under. The event is held from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., with prizes to follow.

Still looking for real estate or a rental in Charleston? We've got rentals and houses for sale galore in the area – call Carolina One Realty today!




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Goose Creek: A Suburban Utopia Come to Life

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Most people, when they look to settle down and raise a family, have an idealized image of everything from the house they live in to the school district they send their children to and the places they spend their weekends. For many, this wonderful suburban utopia involves picket fences and main streets; these people can find what they're looking for in Goose Creek, SC. 

Residents Enjoy Southern Weather

For those in the north, snowfall is a mere par for the course during the winter months, but for the residents of Goose Creek, snow is a rare sight to see. While this fact may deter anyone looking to take a ski vacation from booking a flight to South Carolina, those that don't care for the white stuff can take pleasure in a southern winter in which the highs average around the upper 50s. 

A School District to Be Admired

One of the main factors that usually determine where people look to settle down is how the school district fares compared to those nearby. Goose Creek, SC has a lot going for it in the education department, not the least of which happens to be Marrington Middle School of the Arts. Goose Creek has 14 schools within its district, and Marrington Middle School of the Arts happens to be one of two there that garner a perfect 10 in the GreatSchools rating. A unique school within the area, Marrington can be a great place to send a child that demonstrates a gift in any variety of the creative arts. 

A Crossroads of Old and New

The town of Goose Creek is relatively new, having been established in 1961, but the area has a long history ingrained in this country's roots. This meeting of old and new is reflected in the houses that you can find within the town. While some developments are new and reflect a more modern look, there are still many old-fashioned homes on the market that retain the look of that classic southern home, complete with large porches, perfect for rocking chairs and porch swings. Regardless of your taste in homes, Goose Creek has you covered.

At Goose Creek, you can truly get all you want out of life and the place you live. If you've always wanted to live out the classic American dream, this is the place for you. 




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The Many Neighborhoods of Charleston

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The city of Charleston, SC has been called "The Holy City" and "Chucktown" by a variety of people, but more simply refer to the historic city as "home." Charleston is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state, and if current trends continue, there are going to be a lot of people looking for Charleston, SC real estate. When some people look for homes in the city, they're much more concerned with price than they are the actual location. Some may say they want downtown and others may want something in the city's suburbs, but in general a lot of people don't know about the distinct neighborhoods the city has. Every block of the city has its own story, and there are some neighborhoods that people can't seem to resist. If you're interested in moving to the city, consider moving to one of these neighborhoods:

South of Broad

Do you want to move to Charleston because you want to live in a historic "old south" city? Have you been saving up to buy a historic or antebellum home? If you want to live in a neighborhood that is full of old south style and feels like an oasis in a modern world, you should consider moving to South of Broad. South of Broad is quite possibly the most exclusive and famous area in the city. The homes here can vary in terms of price, but this isn't a neighborhood for people that are looking for a "cheap" house.

West Ashley

West Ashley is an area of Charleston that has seen a lot of change over the past few decades. The area is surrounded by beautiful marshes and waterfront vistas, but the area didn't go through its recent population and construction boom until around the 1950s. Since then, a thriving and distinct Charleston district has seemingly popped out of the moss and live oak trees. If you see yourself as the kind of person that would love to spend a few weekend nights in the downtown area, this is the ideal neighborhood. It feels like any other suburban area, but it's a short drive (or bus or train ride) to get to all of the city fun.

North Charleston


In the past, North Charleston used to be popular with naval families who lived near the Charleston Naval Base and people that worked in nearby factories. When the naval base shut down in the 90s, the area lost a lot of families, but their movement led to a significant drop in real estate prices. Now, the area seems to be going through a revitalization, since homeowners and start-up companies have flocked to the area for its affordable property.  


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Summerville is for (History) Lovers

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Some people move to the Charleston area for work, and others just want to be closer to their families. Others come for the low cost of living, and some just love the architecture and feel of the city. The reasons that you might want to live in and around Charleston may vary, but they're all possible because of one thing: the area's long history. South Carolina was one of the original 13 colonies, and settlers have been living in the greater Charleston area for centuries. A lot of residents list the area's famous history as one of the benefits of living there.

If you want to move to a place that has a rich history, and has made generous contributions to our culture, you should consider looking for Summerville, SC real estate. Summerville is just 20 minutes away from for Charleston, and it's the perfect place for someone that wants to live in a town with an abundance of southern charm. There are over 700 homes and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places in Summerville alone, so this town has seen its fair share of historic events and has raised a lot of interesting people. Did you know that . . .


Athletes love Summerville

Are you a sports fan? You may be interested to know that a lot of athletes have either called Summerville home, or currently live in Summerville. New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner may play for a team in a different state, but when it's off-season, he calls Summerville home. Are you really more of a football fan? Don't worry! Summerville has its fair share of football legends. A.J. Green started off his career playing football for the University of Georgia, and he was drafted for the Bengals in 2011. He made it to the 2012 Pro Bowl, and had been the first rookie receiver to play in the Pro Bowl since 2011. But before he was an NFL pro, he was just another student at Summerville High School.


The name explains a lot of the town's history

If there's one thing the Carolinas are known for, it's our humid and hot summers. Today, these are made more than bearable by air conditioners and electricity, but back in the 1700s, summers weren't just unbearable, they were also terrible for your health. Plantation families along the Ashley River had to deal with mosquitos and disease, along with the oppressive heat, so many would move to higher elevations from May to September. The breeze coming through the pine-forested ridges of the area were just what people needed to stay cool.


The town was a health destination

The pines and breeze didn't just help people stay cool; some people think that the fresh air and generally agreeable weather had curative properties for people. During the last decade of the 19th century, the International Congress of Physicians declared Summerville as one of the two best places on Earth for the treatment and recovery of lung and throat disorders. People started to flock to the town in the winter months, and Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft liked to vacation in the area during the coldest months of the year.


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