Smart Growth Urged as Charleston Nabs South Carolina’s ‘Largest City’ Title

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Congratulations, Charleston! As of spring 2017, you have officially became South Carolina’s largest city. After years of economic expansion and population influx, this title is long in the works and rightfully deserved. After all, the city has worked hard to offer something great for both residents and tourists alike. However, with large growth comes great responsibility.

"I don’t look at it as bragging rights at all," Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg told The Post and Courier newspaper for a May 25, 2017 piece regarding the population growth. "The challenge is not to be the biggest city but the best city, and I believe we are."

A May 2017 editorial from the newspaper goes on to say that rental properties are soon going to take center stage as the city adds about 34 people daily. According to the editorial, Charleston city leaders rolled out “workforce housing incentives” for developers who create properties where a certain portion of units are set aside for renters who earn up to 80 percent of the median income. Such “workforce” apartments are reportedly “high quality, relatively new residences in highly sought-after parts of the city,” the opinion piece reads. That’s good news for those who qualify, but it should also resonate with those looking for houses for rent in Charleston SC. As evidenced by the efforts to offer top-notch rental units, Charleston clearly cares about all those people moving to the historic city found in 1670 with strong ties to the Civil War.


In a similar opinion piece from the Charleston City Paper, the author says all residents should be proud to live in the city and hopes for responsible growth in the future. Given that the growth grabbed headlines, it’s very well likely that more people considering a move from their current homes may come to Charleston. Those who do will need a place to stay and the majority of newcomers are going to need a place to rent while finding their footing in a new city. Take time to research the neighborhoods, attractions and overall lay of the land during your hunt for a house to rent and you too will be singing the praises of Charleston.


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Isle Of Palms Beach Replenishment Project Carried Out Ahead Of Summer Tourism Season

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Charleston-south-carolinaWith 2017’s summer travel season about to reach its peak months, millions of Americans will soon go by plane, train or car to vacation destinations both at home and abroad. Moreover, tourism industry experts say this economic engine is a financial boost for local economies. Indeed, the massive annual influx for those few months where beautiful weather and inviting beaches really do perfectly complement each other. One such destination where guests can seek refuge from a bustling beach town while still have easy access to the sands and water is Isle of Palms, located in beautiful South Carolina. This city in Charleston County borders the Atlantic Ocean and is just a short drive from Charleston itself, which offers environmental, historical and leisurely opportunities for visitors of all ages and interests. Those vacationing on the nearby Isle of Palms will appreciate the easy access to the ocean for fishing, swimming and boat tours.


Prospective travelers researching vacation rentals Isle of Palms SC should be pleased to hear that local government officials in the region are already getting ready for the tourist season by making much-needed repairs. According to The Post and Courier, beaches in the Charleston area are being rebuilt in the wake of last year’s Hurricane Matthew. Moreover, Isle of Palm’s mayor told the newspaper that beach renourishment is going on there, too, and is being boosted by $15 million in state financial aid. All told, the replenishment project will move some 1.4 million cubic yards of sand back into Isle of Palms beaches, according to the report, which adds that further improvement projects could be carried out in fall 2017.



Vacationing in South Carolina is both popular and profitable: Popular for tourists because of the variety of local attractions and amenities; profitable for local businesses and the state itself as outside dollars are spent in South Carolina and remain there to boost up the economy. According to a 2016 South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism release, everything from admission tax collections to South Carolina State Park Service revenue and hotel occupancy were on the rise over recent years. For more information on renting a vacation property in Isle of Palms, visit

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Vacation Rental Properties Offer Plenty Of Perks Over Settling For Traditional Hotel Lodging

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It won’t be long before summer 2017’s vacation season is in full swing. As travelers crisscross continents in search of somewhere new to call home -- at least for a week or two -- many will mull coastal destinations. The perks are obvious: easy access to the ocean as a way to beat the heat during summer months, nearby tourist destinations, fresh seafood and unrivaled views thanks to beachfront vistas. According to U.S. Travel Association, four out of five vacationers and travelers do so for leisure purposes. For those considering such a trip, vacation rentals in Isle of Palms SC offers all of the above and more thanks to a perfect combination of geography and amenities.


Isle of Palms is conveniently located within a 30-minute drive of Charleston, South Carolina, and offers a variety of nearby historical sites, landmarks, fishing and boating options, a golf course as well as family-friendly activities such as the South Carolina Aquarium. If you’ve already decided to visit South Carolina or the Isle of Palms community, then another key consideration is on the horizon: where will you stay? Travelers who plan ahead are going to benefit from vacation rentals over traditional hotels or motels for many reasons, ranging from size to cost to convenience.


Specifically, travel experts say opting for a vacation rental home will offer you most of the amenities of your own home. Think washers, dryers, dishwashers, television and Internet access as some of the more basic -- yet absolutely required – perks of temporarily moving into someone else’s home for a few days. The catch here is that you’re likely going to have to book the property for more than few days but given the length of the average vacation, this should come as no problem to most travelers. As for location, a vacation rental property is more likely going to be located in a residential area that naturally provides better proximity to attractions and culture than a major hotel that’s going to be a car or bus ride away.


By trusting a vacation home real estate agency, you’ll be provided with fully-furnished properties that won’t leave you waiting for an elevation in a lobby or having to consult the front desk for your every want and need. With summer not more than a few weeks away and travelers from all over looking for the best bang for their buck, now is the time to start planning for your annual outing. For more information on vacation rentals in Isle of Palms SC, visit


Earth-Friendly Construction Projects Ensure Future of Real Estate Market In Charleston

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Charleston-south-carolinaIt’s the halcyon days of development in Charleston, South Carolina and the real estate sector is experiencing growth that any major U.S. city would and should envy. Beyond the wide range of recent positive economic indicators -- from employment gains to an uptick in home sale figures -- builders appear to have the best interests of Charleston at heart as they continue to keep a close eye on smart growth. According to a May 6, 2017 article from The Post and Courier newspaper, environmentally-friendly builders are touting a streamlined construction process that’s faster and friendly to the planet. For those researching our Charleston Real Estate Guide, add these considerate construction companies to the list of reasons why investing in this port city of about 390,000 is a smart financial move.


According to The Post and Courier piece, a number of Charleston-area builders and construction officials recently explained their vested interests in erecting homes that have been optimized for the 21st Century. That means these structures are being built faster and for less money, with the latter being an advantage later passed on to the prospective homebuyer; houses hitting the market with solar panels already up and running; a move away from legacy products in construction, such as wood, in exchange for steel and 100-year warranties that come with a steel roof.  According to the report, South Carolina is 27th in the nation for homes with solar panels installed but investment in the industry has climbed some 10 percent to approximately $225.3 million in one year alone.


The effect of  not addressing these aspects, according to the article, is waste across the board and landfills with an ever-encroaching footprint. The president of one local steel company told the newspaper that they hope to redefine the home construction industry and that they hope to “do with a house what [electric vehicle company] Tesla's done with a car.” Putting its money where its mouth is, that same steel company recently relocated its headquarters and production facility and planned to start producing rolled steel for construction by the end of summer 2017.


Beyond new construction that’s being optimized for future technology, Charleston already offers a plethora of existing home and rentals on the market. That’s due, in large part, to the vast number of tourist attraction in the region and the booming economy. In a spring 2017 update from the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, more than 19,000 single-family homes selling for an average of $330,000 apiece were expected to be sold in the Charleston area in 2017. Moreover, that figure represented a 2,000 unit increase over the 2016 total. For additional information on the Charleston Real Estate Guide, visit



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Real Estate Boom Plus Job Gains Make Charleston Economy ‘Nearly Unstoppable’

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In a headline that heralds across-the-board gains in the Charleston, South Carolina, metro area, one local media outlet has called the economy “nearly unstoppable.” For those considering relocation, the sheer quantity and quality of  Charleston SC homes for sale -- coupled with fiscal stability of the city and beyond -- should do more than enough to instill confidence in prospective buyers.

According to The Post and Courier newspaper, almost all economic indicators are pointing up in 2017 and 2018 – except for unemployment, but that too is good news. The March 2017 update offered by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce cites widespread gains in employment, building permits, airplane passengers, real estate sales and more. The report adds that approximately 10,000 new local jobs are expected to be created in 2017.

According to the chamber document, the Charleston region is expanding by adding 48 new residents daily. Of that figure, 35 are new residents and the remainder and new births. The forecast also celebrates the influx of “well-educated young talent.”

What does this mean for those in the market for Charleston real estate? A local CBS television news affiliate cited recent chamber figures that predict more than 19,000 homes, at an average of $330,000 for a single-family residence, will be sold in the Charleston area this year.  What’s more, the estimate is 2,000 units higher than the number sold in 2016.

Factoring for forecasted sales for the remainder of 2017 as well as 2018, the chamber cites residential home sale figures that have steadily climbed from 10,638 in 2012 to 17,720 in 2016. The chamber’s outlook cites more grocery stores and home improvement centers coming to suburban markets.

Factor in a rich history, tourist attractions as well as the opportunity for beach-front living and it’s clear to see why more and more people are choosing the Charleston area as their next home. For additional information about real estate and Charleston SC homes for sale, call 800-342-2105.

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Considering Charleston, South Carolina Real Estate? Here’s What To Do While In Town

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From pivotal Civil War sites to inspiring art installations and landmarks of natural beauty, there’s plenty to do in South Carolina if you’re considering investing in Charleston real estate. As the state’s oldest city that’s just shy of the Atlantic Ocean, there’s plenty to see, do and simply experience for those seeking a visitor-friendly excursion while mulling a move to the “Holy City” – a nickname we’ll address later.  

- A rivalry realized: Fort Sumter, located in Charleston Harbor, bore witness to the breakout of the U.S. Civil War on April 12, 1861. Confederate forces shelled the site that was constructed in the wake of the War of 1812 and is now a national park.

 - Over the edge: What’s a trip to the coast without a visit to a local shore town? While some of the more well-known resorts are hours away from Charleston, locales like Folly Beach -- known as the “Edge of America” to locals -- and Isle of Palms offer the same sand and water elsewhere along the coast of this country.

- Steeple skyline: The “Holy City” slogan comes from the many church steeples that be seen across Charleston. Many of these institutions of hundreds of years old and date back to the 1800s. Vastly varying in both architecture and denomination, many of these houses of worship continue to host services multiple times each week. Magnolia Cemetery is also the final resting place of some of the state’s well-known  and notorious leading figures.

- Southern comfort: The 2017 iteration of the annual Charleston Wine + Food Festival is scheduled for March 1 through March 5. The event has highlighted local culinary traditions since its founding in 2006 and widely praised by local media for both the quality of food being plated and the talent doing the cooking.

For additional information on Charleston real estate, call 800-342-2105.

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Loan Procurement 101

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Whether you’re shopping for your forever home in Charleston or looking to purchase a home for future vacation rentals in Isle of Palms, securing the proper financing is a major step in the process. There are an infinite number of loans and lenders available, which can make the process that much harder. Sifting and sorting through the information is a necessary yet tedious procedure in guaranteeing that you choose the loan that is right for you. Here, we discuss the major 6 major categories of loans available in South Carolina in hopes to break down the information in an easy-to-digest- format for potential Charleston, SC homeowners.

Fixed-Rate vs Adjustable-Rate
All available loans fall into one of these two categories. A fixed-rate mortgage loan has the same interest rate for the entire repayment period of the loan. This means your monthly payment will stay the same, even for long-term financing options. The most common form of a fixed rate loan is a 30-year term, as the monthly payment is typically lower; however, there are other yearly terms that available for most loans. Currently, as it stands for mortgage rates on Isle of Palms, the interest rate on a 30-year fixed loan is 3.88% (3.92% APR). This is in line with the national average. On the other hand, an adjustable-rate loan has a fluctuating interest rate that changes over time. This interest rate typically changes on a yearly basis. A hybrid version of the two loans is available. Often called a “Hybrid ARM” or “Hybrid Mortgage”, this initially starts as a fixed interest rate for a specified number of years and then switches to an annually adjustable rate for the remainder of the loan’s life. A 5/1 ARM in Charleston is 2.75% (3.74% APR).

Conventional vs. Government-Insured
Within the categories of fixed-rate and adjustable-rate are another set of loan types that determines who backs the loan. You can combine these loans (i.e. fixed rate conventional or an adjustable government-insured). Conventional loans are home loans that are not insured or backed by the government. Government-insured loans are financing that is insured and guaranteed by the government. This includes FHA Loans, VA Loans, and USDA/RHS Loans.

·         FHA Loans: Backed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage insurance program is a loan available to all homeowners. Borrowers pay for mortgage insurance, which protects the lender from a borrower default. To receive this loan, a home must meet certain requirements that are reviewed by a South Carolina licensed appraiser.

·         VA Loans: The U.S Department of Veteran Affairs provides a loan program for military service members and their families. Borrowers can possibly receive 100% financing for the purchase of their home, resulting in no down payment.

·         USDA/RHS Loans:  Provided to homeowners in rural areas, the United States Department of Agriculture offers a loan to certain borrowers who meet a specific income requirement.

Jumbo vs. Conforming
When considering loans, another distinction that can be made is the size of the loan that you are requesting. Depending on the intended borrowing amount, your loan can fall within a conforming loan or a jumbo loan. A Conforming loan meets the underwriting guidelines that have been set forth by Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac. This limits the size or amount of the loan and affects the size of the down payment and the debt-to-income ratio amongst other factors. On the other hand, loans that do not fall within the parameters of a conforming loan are considered to be “non-conforming” loans. However, if the specific issue involved in not meeting the guidelines is due to the size of the loan, then the loan is considered a jumbo loan. Jumbo loans exceed the amount set by Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac. Interest rates are typically higher, which means most jumbo loan borrowers must have good standing credit and be able to afford larger down payments. For many Charleston, SC residents, a jumbo loan is more ideal. Charleston, SC boasts a number of luxury homes that fall out of the range to procure a conforming loan.  This is typical for coastal towns, especially those in Charleston, SC, that tout larger price tags.

Securing the proper financing for your Isle of Palms home shouldn’t be hard. We hope that with this simple breakdown of what to look for, you can find a little sense of relief when searching for your new home.



Spring Forward with Charleston, SC

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South Carolina is a gorgeous state. The sun is always shining and the people are always smiling. For residents in Charleston, SC, this is especially true. Charleston is rich with history, great food, and friendly people. This combination of factors is what makes Charleston a popular destination for travelers all year long.

Springtime is the beginning of prime Charleston season. As parts of the country begin to thaw out from the winter, Charleston is already in full swing preparing for spring breakers and travelers. History, festivals, and seafood are a huge part of what makes Charleston, Charleston. If you plan on securing a Charleston, SC rental in the upcoming months, the Holy City has a ton of great options in each category for you to incorporate into your trip.

Springtime is the beginning of festival season all across the world and the low country is no exception. Charleston is a melting pot of cultures. This type of diversity is reflected in the spirit of the festival season. From craft beer festivals to outdoor art festivals, music festivals to culturally themed festivals, the streets truly come alive in the spring. One of Charleston’s premier events, the Charleston Wine & Food festival takes place March 1st through March 5th. In its 11th year, this short, but sweet festival showcases some of the most inspiring chefs and culinary masterpieces in Charleston and the surrounding area. Some other not to miss festivals this spring are the Front Beach Fest on Isle of Palms, St. Patrick’s Day Block Party, and YMCA Flowertown Festival that is a quick drive north to Summersville.

You can’t mention Charleston without thinking about or hearing about the history of the city. There are over 93 properties and districts in Charleston, SC that are listed on the National Register. Of these properties, 34 are listed as National Historic Landmarks. Charleston is abounding with beautiful plantation-styled homes, expansive landscapes, and culturally rich landmarks. During the spring, some of the most historic and iconic homes re-open their doors for public tours. Benefitting the Historic Charleston Foundation’s historic preservation program, the 70th Annual Festival of Houses & Gardens opens its doors on March 16th and runs until April 22nd. This is a series of award-winning tours and educational showcases that put some of the most distinctive Charleston architecture and culture on display for the public to view.

Charleston is known the world over for its abundance of fresh and great tasting seafood. Spring ushers in the beginning of fishing and seafood season in Charleston. At any of our great restaurants, you’ll be able to have anything from swordfish to crabs, salmons to sea scallops, and so much more. The 30th annual Blessing of the Fleet & Festival takes place this year on April 30th. This highly anticipated seafood festival pays tribute to the local fishing and shrimping industry that helps contribute to the culture and economy of Charleston. All day, you can experience a boat parade, craft shows, live music and a variety of other great activities. A trip to Charleston wouldn’t be complete without adding some seafood sampling to your itinerary.

As spring is quickly approaching, make your plans to visit Charleston, SC as soon as possible. There are plenty of activities, Charleston rental properties, and sunshine to make your stay a great one.



City of Charleston: Fun yet Key Points to Remember for Relocation

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Is your business relocating to the south? Or maybe you’re tired of shoveling snow and want a break from the goose down jackets and the temperatures verging on frost bite? No matter the reason, relocating to Charleston, SC is the right choice. As many new transplants find out upon arrival, Charleston is unlike any other city in the world. Before you make the move down here, there are few fun things about living in Charleston that you should know.

A City by another Name
If you’ve spent any time in Charleston previously, chances are you have heard locals use the name “Chucktown” or “The Chuck” before. These two names are just an affectionate term used to describe Charleston. It’s similar to the Charles/Chuckie naming system and has become quite popular. One nickname that has huge historical significance to the locals is the “The Holy City”. Charleston is filled with churches; steeples go as far as the eyes can see. These churches play a vital role in the history of the city. They are so important; there is an ordinance that does not allow buildings to be constructed higher than the tallest church steeple. This rule helps to preserve the Charleston skyline and small-town feel of the city.

You Must Choose a Side
Football in the south is an experience. There is no greater rivalry than the Clemson vs. South Carolina football game that takes place annually around Thanksgiving. Many people in Charleston are University of South Carolina fans, so it’s no surprise to see garnet and black flags flying around the city. However, you will catch the occasional purple and orange tiger fan around town, and that’s ok too. Affectionately named the “Palmetto Bowl”, this in-state rivalry does not allow for fence riders.  You must choose a side.

Southern Hospitality Is Alive
The only stereotype that applies to the south is the concept of southern hospitality. Whether you’re coming from the north, the west, or out of the country, southerners will treat you with plenty of respect, warm smiles, and ample amounts of sweet tea. Charleston residents are diverse and proud of their southern roots. They welcome the opportunity to share that with others, whether visitor or new resident.

Pace Yourself
People say that life in the south is slow, but this is especially true for Charleston. Our way of life is centered on enjoying each other and the community. We believe in getting the most out of life and this is hard to do when you are constantly rushing. Our city is a unique city, one that cannot be fully enjoyed with a hurried lifestyle. Charleston residents believe in taking it easy and living life at a turtle pace.


As more and more people become aware of the beauty and charm that is Charleston, plenty of Charleston, SC rentals and homes for sales are available. To find the next home of your dreams in the beautiful low country of Charleston, contact us for more details.


Starter Home “Must Haves” to Consider

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So, you’ve made the decision to move out on your own and make your first big purchase. Whether you’re moving out of your parent’s basement or transitioning from an apartment, the process of buying your first home is new and often frightening. There are so many ins and outs that need consideration when making a purchase as big and important as buying a home. From loan preapprovals, to paint colors, it seems the decision process for your starter home can be a never-ending process. With help from our Charleston Real Estate Guide, here are three things you should focus on when deciding on your first home.

The price on your home is hands down the most important point that should be made when looking for a starter home. First time home buyers are more pressed to come up with the proper financials as they do not typically have equity or trade up buying power that a previous homeowner would have. When looking for an affordable home, it’s important to pick a price tag and stick with it. Know what you can afford and do not stray from the budget. Many people try to push to the maximum end of their budget and often regret it. Be reasonable. It’s your first home.

As cliché as it may sound, a good location is important when choosing your first home. The location of your home affects the price you will pay as well as what you can ask for when it comes time to think about resell value.  A good neighborhood means stability. Manicured lawns, well-kept homes, and limited for sale signs means long-term and happy residents. Properties in good locations are more likely to retain their value, so keep this under consideration.

The upkeep (or lack thereof) on a home can greatly affect future housing costs and the longevity of the property. Many people will tell you that your starter home should be a “fixer upper”, but that is not always true.  Big items, such as the HVAC unit, the foundation, roofing, and even pest infestations need to be properly monitored, maintained, and should not be an inherited problem for any homeowner. These problems require large amounts of upfront cash in order to be resolved before you can move in. Always enlist the help of a trusted inspector before signing anything or making a decision on a house.


First time home buying is an exciting time. With the proper tools and help in place, you’ll find the best starter home for you and begin to build your new life.