Tips for Getting the Best Mortgage Rate for Your First Home in South Carolina

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Millennials are quickly becoming the fastest growing percentage of home buyers in the country and make up the majority of first-time home buyers. As the oldest Millennials begin to reach their thirties and higher levels of career responsibilities and salary, many will begin to settle down and begin to look at homes. Some will look at the Charleston area for its beautiful weather, friendly communities, and emerging job markets that match Millennials' technology-focused skillset and education.


Our younger generation of first-time homebuyers can take advantage of a buyer-friendly market where mortgage interest rates are still low and there are friendly programs for first-time homebuyers. However, they also face unique challenges than other generations of homebuyers that may require a little more flexibility, creativity, and patience. In the end, though, the time you take to research and understand what it takes to apply and get approved for a mortgage loan will help you get one step closer to buying that first home of your dreams in Charleston, SC.


Understanding How Much You Can Afford for a Monthly Mortgage Payment


If you begin the process of applying for a mortgage, you will get a quote from various lenders that pertain to how much you're pre-qualified for. Just remember this is different from the amount of money you're pre-approved for. The pre-approval process involves a number of additional steps, including income verification, credit history, etc. You may be pre-qualified for a certain amount, but can you afford that monthly payment every month?


Getting Your Debt to Income Ratio as Low as Possible


Let's say you apply for a $200,000 mortgage where the monthly mortgage payment with property taxes, interest, principal, home owner's insurance is $1500 a month. If you make $8000 a month as a household, your debt to income ratio will only be 19%. But what if you have other monthly payments? For example, many Millennials have student loans. Those go into your debt to income ratio. Do you have credit card payments or car payments? Those affect your debt to income ratio as well. The goal is to get below 43% to provide assurance to the bank that you will be able to afford your monthly mortgage payment.


Reviewing Your Credit Score


The credit score you need to qualify for a mortgage loan may depend on the type of mortgage loan you're applying for. For example, a conventional mortgage loan from a bank will typically have stricter credit limits than an FHA or USDA loan. At the same time, a FHA loan or USDA loan that is guaranteed by the federal government may have other requirements not necessary for a conventional loan. Therefore, it is a good idea to check out the different types of loans out there and any credit requirements.



No matter the type of loan you apply for, though, remember to get a copy of credit report to dispute any errors or safeguard against identity theft. In addition to that, you can understand if you need to lower your credit utilization or take any other actions to raise your credit score to an acceptable level that will allow you to get approved for a mortgage loan at a good rate. As Millennials take advantage of good home prices in the Charleston, SC real estate market with affordable rates, managing these common mortgage issues will go a long way in helping them get through the process. 

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Isle of Palms: A Place the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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Are you thinking about taking a summer vacation the whole family can enjoy? There will be a number of factors that will go into your decision-making. You'll have to consider budget, how you want to travel, the time of the season you can go, and your only personal interests. Any parent will tell you that finding something to do for the entire family can be difficult, especially if the kids are a little bit older. Luckily, if you've always thought about visiting the Lowcountry, Isle of Palms offers a wide variety of activities the whole family can enjoy.


If you have never visited Isle of Palms before, please know that it is only 12 miles away from downtown Charleston, SC. A short drive will take you to the heart of the Palmetto City where you can experience world-class restaurants, historic attractions, shopping for the whole family, sports, the harbor, and more. But that is only one part about what makes Isle of Palms so great. There are plenty of things to do on the barrier island as well.



Barrier Islands Eco Tours was the number one listed attraction on Trip Advisor as reviewers thought that the captain and guide were both incredibly knowledgeable and they got to see wildlife and vegetation that they wouldn't otherwise see on the barrier islands. There are a number of other charters available too depending on your interests and what you would like to see. If you or your children are into the outdoors and you don't get seasick, an eco-tour could be a fun day out the whole family can take part in.


Thomson Park


Take an afternoon ride to Thomson Park in the Breach Inlet, which offers a fun, but quiet adventure. Did you know that Thomson Park was the site of a Revolutionary War battle? Although the water is not safe for swimming, you can go a walk with the family, go fishing, or just take in some sun. The Breach Inlet is located between Isle of Palms and Sullivan Island. Isle of Palms County Park is another place to check out if you would like to get some time in outdoors.


Paddle Boarding, Wave Sports, and More


Are you a fan of water-based activities like paddle boarding, parasailing, jet-skis, and more? There are a number of companies in the Isle of Palms area that offer affordable lessons and equipment rentals to ensure you get your rush on the water. If you have ever wanted to jet-ski on the marshes or intercoastal, you can do it here in Isle of Palms, SC.


Check out Isle of Palms rentals today at We offer beautiful vacation rentals at a variety of budget levels, and we can help you find the best rental for your dream vacation in Isle of Palms. Don't wait. Summer will be here before you know it. Count down today by searching our vacation rental listings today.





vacation rentals in Isle of Palms, SC

Will Charleston Be the Top Place to Visit in 2016?

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Each year, Travel + Leisure creates a list of the world's best cities. The rankings for the list take into account various criteria, including sights/landmarks, culture/arts, restaurants/food, people/friendliness, shopping, and value. Online and print readers of the publication can participate in the survey, and they are asked to rate each city based off these factors on a 1-5 scale. With so many wonderful cities in the world, it would be understandable to see a new "best city" crowned each year. Yet for the past three years, Charleston, SC has been honored as the top city in the United States and Canada. For the 20th annual rankings that were announced last July, Charleston was named the top city in North America and second best city in the world.


What Makes Charleston a Consistent Favorite among Residents and Tourists?


First and foremost, it's a city with passion.  Sean Brock was featured in a recent "Parts Unknown" that focused on the culinary scene in Charleston. He was joined by host Anthony Bourdain and Bill Murray, a man who can live anywhere but chooses to call Charleston his home. Brock's restaurant Husk was listed as one of the reasons why Travel + Leisure readers chose Charleston as the best city in North America.  Brock has a renowned respect for the Lowcountry, and you can see it in his culinary expressions. He is one of many people in Charleston who loves their city and wants to show others the rich heritage and history that make it a city unlike any other.


Second, there are so many things to do. Are you a fan of the beach? Charleston, SC and its surrounding communities offer world-class beaches with beautiful weather year-round. It features mesmerizing architecture throughout the city, and it is home to a number of historical attractions including Fort Sumter.  Charleston also has a wide variety of antique shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, bookstores, and many other establishments that will fill your time when you come for a visit. Charleston blends modern amenities with Old World Southern Charm for a unique experience that is sure to delight you and your entire family. 



Act Now if You Want to Get a Vacation Rental for Late Spring or Early Summer!


Are you thinking about staying in the Charleston area? Carolina One is pleased to offer luxury vacation rentals in Isle of Palms and Folly Beach. Both beach communities are within close driving distance to Charleston, SC, and each offers a unique experience in its own right. Isle of Palms is a barrier island just north of Charleston Harbor that provides families with a luxury resort island experience right in the Lowcountry. Folly Beach is also known as the "Edge of America" and features a number of outdoor activities the whole family will enjoy. Although we don't know if Charleston will be number one when the next list is announced in July, we can guarantee you'll have an amazing time if you choose to come down to the Lowcountry. Check our listings today to learn more about our houses for rent in the Charleston, SC area


vacation rentals in Isle of Palms, SC

5 Great Activities to Check Out on Your Isle of Palms Vacation

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porch with view of Isle of Palms

If you are already planning your summer vacation, you're smart! A lot of people book their rentals anywhere from three to six months ahead of time, or even longer, depending on the location – and Isle of Palms, SC is a popular place for vacation rentals. There are many reasons that so many people come here, from the proximity to Charleston to the beautiful beaches. Here are some of our personal favorite activities to check out on Isle of Palms during the summer:

Isle of Palms County Park

What summer vacation at the beach would be complete without a trip to the beach? Isle of Palms County Park is one of the best places to catch some rays, look for shells or go swimming, but it also has a lot of other advantages. The park has year-round amenities including a boardwalk, changing area, restrooms, a sand volleyball court, a playground, and a picnic area. Along with all of these, the park offers seasonal lifeguards, beach rentals, outdoor showers, shopping, and food and drinks.


Wild Dunes Resort offers two impressive courses designed by Tom Fazio, the reputed and award-winning golf course architect. The Links course has the distinction of being Fazio's first solo course design, and has just been renovated to include new greens and cart paths, as well as some changes to individual holes. The Harbor course features some of the most spectacular use of water in the golf world, and weaves between backwater, ponds, and the Intracoastal highway. The resort also has a practice area for those who need to get back into the game.

Capers Island

Capers Island is an uninhabited barrier island located just north of Isle of Palms and Dewees Island. It is accessible only by boat, but don't let that stop you! There are several different ways to reach the island, the most common of which is to take a boat tour. You can also kayak over and, if you're adventurous, camp overnight (with a permit).

This island is known for its starkly beautiful Boneyard Beach, so named for the bleached dead tree stumps, trunks, and limbs lining the water. On top of that, there is a ton of unspoiled wildlife to experience here, including palms and salt marshes, raccoons, deer, and dolphins, ospreys, eagles, egrets, herons and pelicans, alligators, and tons of different varieties of fish and crabs.

Charleston Shopping

 woman with colorful shopping bags

If you are more of an indoorsy type, heading to nearby Charleston to check out the shopping scene might be more your thing. There are a number of malls and outlets in the area, in general, but if you are looking for the best, most unique selection of haute couture, antiques, and fine dining, King Street is the place to be! This is one of the most famous shopping destinations in the city, and offers notable stores such as the following:

  • George C. Birlant & Company, an antiques store with a reputation for the highest quality furniture, silver, and ceramics since it was founded in the 1920s.
  • While in the neighborhood, check out Blue Bicycle Books, a used book store with over 50,000 titles and a particularly good collection of books about Charleston.
  • Head to the Finicky Filly and House of Sage for youthful, stylish clothes, or check out Anne's for timelessly elegant clothing designs.
  • Copper Penny will be your next stop, as you look for a pair (or pairs) of shoes to go with your new outfits.
  • Don't forget to hit up some of the art galleries like Corrigan or Sylvan Gallery on your way through the area!

If you aren't shopped out after King Street, make sure to stop by the Charleston City Market, which features a variety of local artists and their crafts. It's one of the major cultural stops that proves that you've actually been to Charleston! 

Special Events

One of the great things about Isle of Palms is that there is always something going on! There are tons of local cultural events happening here, in Charleston, and in other adjacent areas. If you come off-season in February, the island participates in the Lowcountry Blues Festival, an event that is held in many different locations in the close vicinity of Charleston. In June, there is a sandsculpting contest, and in July we hold a 5k beach run and fireworks for Independence Day. In October, there is a Connector Walk/Run, which benefits a local child abuse prevention charity, as well as other charities for children. If you are looking for local live music, check out the Windjammer, a beach club featuring a steady stream of musical acts in a variety of different styles.

If you haven't secured a vacation rental on Isle of Palms for the summer yet, start looking now! Carolina One offers beautiful, convenient, and comfortable rental properties for your vacation, so check out our listings or call us at (843) 202-2000 for more information today!

Five Tips for Finding an Affordable Vacation Rental

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If you live anywhere in the Northeast for Mid-Atlantic, you are probably still digging yourself out of snow right now. These areas were hit hard by Jonas, and the snowstorm triggered heavy snowfall, high winds, and heavy flooding in some shore towns. Some areas got as much as 30 inches of snow. If you have tired of Old Man Winter's antics and are ready for summer, it is never too early to get started looking for a summer rental. There are many places to check out, but we are partial to Isle of Palms SC vacation rentals as they offer beautiful Southern architecture, pristine beaches, and a whole lot of Southern charm as well. Here are a few tips to help you find an affordable vacation rental. 

Book Early

Most vacation homes see spots filled up well before Memorial Day – in fact, it is not out of the question to see coveted times of summer booked months in advance. Therefore, if you have a specific time in mind for when you want to visit Isle of Palms, begin as early as possible. At the same time, if you have more wiggle room, it might be advantageous to book early as well as you might get a better deal. Some rental owners and their agents would prefer to get a spot filled than play the waiting game. This could mean that they're more willing to settle at a lower price.

Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate

It never hurts to negotiate. In many cases the owner or agent will have a number in mind that they're willing to go down to if needed, but you should be prepared to walk or pay the asking price as some aren't willing to budge. Still, if you can save money doing so, it can't hurt to try.

Book a Vacation Rental outside of Town or off the Beach

There's no question that beachfront property has its perks, but it comes at a price. If you don't need to have a place on the beach or right downtown and are just looking for a place to relax, you might be able to save a significant amount of money booking a vacation rental in a less sought after location.

Choose a Less Popular Week and Earn Extra Perks

Isle of Palms is a beautiful place to visit all-year round. If you're willing to visit at an off-peak time, you may be able to get extra perks as motivation for signing up for that week. It's not unheard of to have your pet fees waived or even have your groceries paid for to entice you to book an off-peak time that may not get as much interest.

Consult an Agent

Various vacation rental sites will only provide you with the listings; they will not give you recommendations, inside information, and details about Isle of Palms vacation rentals as an agent would. An agent could keep an eye out for special deals and good owners whom they've worked with in the past. It might be a good idea to consult one, especially if you're not from the area. 


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Four Reasons Why You Should Take a Vacation as Soon as Possible

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Are you looking to start 2016 off feeling your best, performing better at the office, and improving your family life? If so, take a vacation. No seriously. The holiday season can be a festive time, but it can also be a stressful one as well.  Think of all the things you have to do this time of year. You have to worry about finding gifts in overcrowded malls and stores, deal with inclement weather if you live in areas prone to that, deal with daily stressors at work and at home, and interact with your extended family.

Over the course of the six week season, it makes sense that you might leave it a little more stressed than you were when you entered it. Plus, we can't rule out other facets of health either. During the holiday season, many of us will throw caution to the wind when it comes to food and drink in the name of merriment. By the time January 1st hits, you might find that your clothing quite doesn't fit as well as it did over the summer. 

Taking a vacation now can help you offset some of the negative aspects of the holiday season and allow you to start the New Year off right. Need some more motivation? Here are several reasons why you should take a vacation as soon as possible:

You May Lose Them at the End of the Year

Are you the type who likes to save their days until the end of the year. More companies are adopting a "use them or lose them" policy. Therefore, it might be a risk to save your vacation days until later in the year. A new project could come up or there may be a round of layoffs that eliminates your ability to take off.

You'll Be More Productive at Work

Taking a week off from work may seem like the opposite of being productive, but this couldn't be further from the truth.  According to a survey conducted by Expedia in 2012, 34% of professionals came back from the holidays feeling refreshed and more able to work. Think about it. If you're relaxed and rested, wouldn't you able to work more efficiently?

You Will Live Longer

Studies have indicated that people who vacation more live on average 20% more than those who are chained to their desks. Let's say you spend a week in one of the many great Isle of Palms vacation rentals in South Carolina. Wouldn't you want to live longer just so you could come back? In all seriousness, vacationing improves stress levels and reduces inflammation, which is responsible for a host of different chronic conditions.

You Will Have a Memory You and Your Family Can Enjoy

If your household is like most households in America, you probably spend too little time together and that time is spent looking down at your mobile devices. Vacations allow families to reconnect and provide a memory that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. If you want to make an investment in improving your family life, a vacation may provide to pay excellent dividends. 


vacation rentals in Isle of Palms, SC

Enjoying the Foods of the Low Country

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Earlier this month, Anthony Bourdain focused one of his episodes of CNN'S Parts Unknown on the great city of Charleston. If there is something that the Low Country is known for more than anything else, it could be its legendary cuisine. Bourdain had conducted a show in Charleston once before, but he felt that he didn't get it done right the first time. For example, he had champagne with his oyster pie.

For the purposes of the episode, Bourdain met with a number of different chefs and celebrities in order to fully capture the Low Country cuisine. He spent a majority of the episode with Chef Sean Brock – a culinary superstar who is the executive chef of Huck and a previous recipient of the James Beard Award for Best Southeast Chef. You might have seen him on The Mind of a Chef if you were a fan of that show.

The biggest star seen on the show was Bill Murray. Bill Murray is a part owner for the Charleston RiverDogs. He is also an active member of the Charleston community. Murray, Brock, and Bourdain discussed some of the nuances of Low Country cuisine and the laid back lifestyle that makes Charleston, South Carolina such a wonderful place to visit. If you want to relax by the beach, check out amazing historical attractions, and eat some of the best food in the country, Charleston has it all

What Is Low Country Cuisine?


As Chef Sean Brock pointed out, one could say that Low Country cuisine is America's first cuisine. It has connections to New Orleans cuisine and Cajun cuisine, but it is certainly a cuisine of its own. It comprises the food cultivated by farmers and chefs along the South Carolina coast and into Georgia. We call it the Low Country because it is the area of South Carolina below the Sandhills. Any part of South Carolina above the Sandhills is appropriately called the Up Country.

The Low Country and Up Country are somewhat different in regard to cuisine. The Low Country incorporates much more in the way of seafood. Some of the cuisine's most famous dishes include She-crap Soup, the aforementioned oyster pie, shrimp and grits, crab cakes, Lowcountry boil, and Frogmore stew. Seafood is typically offered at most meals as it is readily available and fresh. This is why you won't find as much seafood-heavy dishes in the interior parts of South Carolina. Before refrigeration and modern forms of shipment, you couldn't get seafood in these parts because of the spoilage risks.

Besides seafood, vegetables, beans, Charleston red rice, and grits are all major components of Low Country cuisine.  You can also find baked mac and cheese, black-eyed peas dishes, fried okra, and much more. Whatever your diet preferences are, you're sure to find something you like in the Low Country.

If you are looking at vacation rentals in Isle of Palms, SC remember to bring your appetite when you come to the Low Country. In addition to the amazing beaches, Southern hospitality of the residents, and beautiful architecture, people come to the Charleston area for the delicious food. Consider Charleston, SC for your next vacation spot for a culinary experience like no other. 

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Why a Vacation Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

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The holidays are just around the corner, and husbands, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends are trying to think of the perfect gift to get their sweetheart.  You’ve already given them jewelry, they seem to have every Blu-ray and DVD they could want, and it seems like as soon as you give them an electronic it’s already out of date.  Did you know that there’s a perfect gift you give your special someone that’s guaranteed to be something they’ll want?  Instead of giving them A materialistic item, think about getting them a getaway for the holidays.  A vacation, whether you take it during the holidays or a different time, can be the ideal gift for your partner.  It can to their favorite vacation destination, somewhere new, or even local.  It doesn’t matter where you go, because vacation gifts have these characteristics in common.

They’ll have a gift that will last


Novelty is something that almost every gift comes with, but it’ll eventually wear off.  Your boyfriend or girlfriend may love the video game that you got them, but they’re going to eventually beat it and move on to something else.  Jewelry can last for years, but rings and necklaces can eventually go out of style.  The memories from their vacation will last for a lifetime.  They won’t get bored with them, they won’t go out of style, and they can’t return it.

They can make it their own

If you’re worried about your loved one not liking their vacation, you don’t have to plan it all out before you start booking flights and rentals.  You can easily say that you’ve set money aside, and then you can both go about planning their perfect vacation.  If they want to lie on the beach all day and read a book, they can plan a getaway to somewhere peaceful and tropical.  If they always wanted to see the Carolinas, you can look for houses for rent in Charleston, SC.  Whatever they want, you can make it possible. 

It’s a gift you can share

There’s something to be said about sharing experiences with somebody that you love.  You can buy your wife a diamond bracelet, but you both can’t wear it.  You could take turns reading a book or playing a game, but one of you will always be ahead of the other.  A vacation is the ultimate gift you both can share.  You’ll be able to plan the ultimate vacation, and then spend it with the one you love.  What could possibly be a better gift than that?


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Don't Make These Mistakes for Your Home Inspection

by carolinaone_marketing 18. November 2015 09:07

Once you agree to a deal with the seller of your prospective home, one of the biggest hurdles that still remains is the home inspection. Although a home inspection isn't mandatory to purchase a home, it is recommended by all realtors as it can be a way for prospective homebuyers to identify potential problems before they purchase a home. It can also help with negotiations. Potentially, if there is an issue with the home that requires fixing before moving in, a home inspection can provide the evidence necessary to negotiate with the seller to make repairs. However, in order to ensure you have the right information, you'll need a quality home inspection. Here are several mistakes to avoid:

Go with Your Home Inspector to Inspect the Home

One of the worst mistakes you can make is not going to the home inspection. While it's not mandatory and it might be tempting to skip with all of the other things you need to do, viewing the home with your home inspector can provide the insight necessary to make decisions on your home. Although your home inspector will provide you with an in-depth report and pictures, attending the home inspection can provide invaluable information.

Don't Have a Friend or Family Do Your Home Inspection

Another issue that frequently comes up with home inspections is the issue of amateur inspection. Do you have a friend or family member that is a handy man? They can help you when a problem arises but don't use them for your home inspection unless they are licensed and have the proper training. Although you might want to use a friend or family member to save some money, you could lose much more in the long run if he or she misses anything serious.

Don't Skimp on Services

The typical home inspection doesn't include things like termite inspection or radon inspection. When compared to the actual home inspection, these services are pretty miniscule, so it might be worth it to pay for these services as well. In the grand scheme of things, what's a hundred dollar more when compared to any long-term issues that you might not be aware of when choosing to not get these services.


Carolina One Real Estate is dedicated to providing prospective homeowners with the information needed to make informed buying decisions. We can provide a Charleston real estate guide to help you know what to do to secure a home, how to make the process as easy as possible, and what you should look for in a home inspector. Visit today to check out listings in the Charleston area. 

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Planning for Retirement? 6 Things to Consider when Buying a Charleston Home

by carolinaone_marketing 9. November 2015 07:03

If you are retiring soon or simply trying to plan ahead, Charleston may be your desired destination. We're not surprised. Our city combines just the right amount of culture and comfortable climate with easy access to everything to attract seniors in droves. However, these are not the only things that you will be thinking about when buying a retirement home for yourself and your spouse. Here are some of the major issues that you should address before making any final decisions:

senior couple on the beach


Consider your mobility, now and in the future. You may be really active now but as you age, things that were easy to navigate may become more of a challenge. With that in mind, choose a home that will be easy to get around in once you start to slow down a bit.

This could mean buying a rancher or at least a home with a potential bedroom and full bathroom on the ground floor; it could also mean looking for a walk-in shower so that you don't have to strain yourself getting over a high tub, non-slip floors for safety, lever door handles to avoid arthritis pain, large doorways and open design in case you ever need a walker or other assistance, etc.

Also, give some thought to how you'll get around. Are there senior services or bus routes in the area that can transport you if driving becomes a problem? Make sure that your new home is either near some form of transportation or within walking distance of a number of shops, restaurants, and other locations.

Medical Facilities

Even if you are in perfect health at the moment, aging naturally involves extra medical attention. When the time comes and you need to visit a doctor, clinic or E.R. on short notice, it will be good to have some quality options in your immediate vicinity. Being closer could make a major difference in an emergency, but it will take a lot of the stress out of those regular checkups, as well. 

Friendly, Safe Neighborhoods

Finding a friendly, safe neighborhood is a big part of ensuring a happy, healthy retirement. As you become older, choosing a new community carefully, with safety in mind, will not only protect you from most threats, it will offer you peace of mind. And while, at Carolina One, we're proud to say that our city is a very safe one in general, no place is perfect. When looking for real estate in or around Charleston, SC, visit the districts you are considering and talk to your potential neighbors. They will give you a good indication of the general vibe of an area and how approachable and caring everyone is.


It's important to calculate your post-retirement budget very carefully before you start to look at homes. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you be selling your current home, handing it over to your children, or keeping it to live in for some of the year?
  • How much should you factor in for unforeseen expenses, like medical bills and repairs?
  • What will the new cost of living be like in your new location? For instance, are groceries and gas more or less expensive where you will be?
  • Does the home you are looking at have an updated heating system, or will you need to fix it? This applies to the roof, the electric, etc.
  • Will the home be paid off by the time you actually hit retirement?

The answers to all of these questions, along with an estimated future income, will help you to determine your buying power, as well as how much cushion you'll have after retirement. Talk to a financial planner about your possible plans – they can help you to determine a budget based on all of these factors and more.


If you're settling on Charleston in the first place, presumably you are doing so with family in mind. If your children and grandkids have a home nearby, that's great! On the other hand, maybe you picked Charleston more for your own convenience and your children are a bit further afield.  Or perhaps they are scattered and you're picking a convenient midway point. No matter what the case, you'll need to decide whether or not you'll be hosting them overnight when choosing a home. They may not want or be able to pay for a hotel every time they visit. Decide how much space you and they will need, how long they would be likely to stay, and whether or not you can afford the extra square footage in the first place.


One of the major problems that people have when they retire is finding things to do. Many seniors will tell you that after working a 9-5 job for 40+ years, doing nothing makes them stir crazy. Because of this, it's crucial that your new home offers some kind of outlet for your energies. This can be something like a large yard with a lot of space for planting a garden or perhaps a work shed in which you or your spouse can take up woodworking, sculpting or painting.

Charleston parkIn addition to space for at-home hobbies, your neighborhood should provide easy access to other activities. For instance, look for places with bike paths and parks in the near vicinity, beach access, or perhaps a gym or yoga class that you can walk to. A local art gallery or movie theatre will give you a way to get out and enjoy the arts, or perhaps you can find a nearby bar or restaurant that features live musical acts every week. Look for a location that will keep you engaged with life!

Retirement is complicated, but living in Charleston provides enough rewards to be worth the effort. Contact us at Carolina One Real Estate to start your search!


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